Company reports, charters & plans

Company reports

Distribution Annual Planning Report (DAPR)

As a Distribution Authority, we publish a Distribution Annual Planning Report (DAPR), outlining our commitment to providing a reliable, safe and cost-effective supply to our customers in South East Queensland.

Annual corporate reports

Our corporate reporting is being presented as part of the Energy Queensland Limited’s suite of reporting documents. Energy Queensland Limited has been created as our parent company, through the merger of Energex Limited, Ergon Energy Corporation Limited and SPARQ Solutions on 30 June 2016.

Read our latest annual corporate reports on the Energy Queensland publications webpage.

If you'd like to review reports prior to 2016, please visit our Previous annual reports webpage.


Document name Published
Bushfire Management Plan 2021-22 478.2 KB 24 Sep 2021
Community Powerline Safety Plan 2019-20 3.7 MB 20 Jun 2019
Flood Risk Management Plan 2019-20 9.0 MB 20 Dec 2019
Summer Preparedness Plan 2020-21 1.2 MB 26 Oct 2020


Document name Published
Energex Customer Charter 1.7 MB 12 Mar 2019

You can view Committee Charters on the Energy Queensland website.


Energex policies have been superseded by new policies developed for Energy Queensland Limited and its subsidiaries. Please see our latest policies on our Energy Queensland Governance webpage.