Overhead & underground powerlines

Our distribution network is comprised of both overhead powerlines and underground cables.

We operate in the National Electricity Market, so we are obliged to develop the most cost-effective network solution within the broader context of our environmental, technical and community responsibilities.

Building considerations

In determining the most appropriate design for new and replacement distribution powerlines, we consider a range of factors, including:

  • public safety
  • impact on the immediate community and environment
  • our technical needs
  • legislative requirements

In all cases, we will examine the additional cost of underground powerlines in relation to the benefits the underground powerline will bring.

Other considerations include the availability of suitable land for an overhead powerline and safety issues such as proximity to busy roads, parkland and distance from homes.

Working with councils

We have a good working relationship with local councils and consider the best possible solutions for new or replacement distribution lines.

We have partnered with many councils to jointly fund projects that improve and enhance the area. Examples include undergrounding existing powerline in major shopping precincts, sensitive environment and heritage areas, locations with significant vegetation, high pedestrian and vehicular areas.

Electric and magnetic fields

We recognise there is community concern about the potential health impacts of electric and magnetic fields (EMFs), and fully comply with policies, rules and regulations set by the Federal and State Governments. For more information, visit Energy Networks Australia.