Our logo & guidelines

Our logo is the most visible and recognisable expression of our brand. These guidelines are designed to help you use our brand without having to negotiate agreements for each use, with the exception of affiliation or endorsement.

Affiliation or endorsement

Exceptions may be made for news media, educational use or events for which we are a major sponsor. These exceptions are usually made directly with the Corporate Communications team or through an employee sponsor with final approval by the Corporate Communications team.

To apply, contact the Corporate Communications team and provide as much detail as you can to help us determine your relationship with us, what you are looking for and how you intend to use the material. Don't forget to include the name and contact details of your employee sponsor.

Read more about our community support program.

Using the logo correctly

Our logo was created based on the efficient and reliable supply of electricity and other energy related services we provide. The symbol reflects this by illustrating the delivery of energy from generator to end user. The colours highlight a modern, friendly and sustainable image. The typography was chosen to reflect a fresh, open and contemporary feel. When using the logo, please abide by a few simple rules:


Our logo is always green and blue in colour or mono. It is never shown in any other colour. The symbol and logotype and brand line is to be used in its entirety:

  • Never use parts of the symbol in isolation
  • Never deconstruct the symbol or make additions to it
  • It must always be reproduced clear of any other graphics and type
  • It must not be used with any other strap lines or statements

The green strip incorporating the Brand Line can be extended left or right, depending on placement. The background can be either black with logo reversed or white with logo overprinted, as per the examples below:

How Energex colour logos should be used if left aligned and right aligned

How Energex mono logos should be used if left aligned and right aligned

If you require an EPS version of the Energex logo please contact us.


The minimum recommended print size for the Energex Symbol and Logotype is no less than 15mm wide for print or 90 pixels wide on a digital screen.

The Energex logo should be 15mm or 90 pixels wide


When using our logo, the proportions, spacing and relative positioning of the Symbol, Logotype and Brand Line must remain consistent. The 'x' height of the logotype is equal to three units. The grid below is a construction guide, the mandatory clear zone indicated by the magenta line.

A construction guide on the clear zone when using the Energex logo.

Download Energex logos

Report any misuse

Be sure to tell us of any suspected misuse of our intellectual property, such as logos, trademarks, and copyrighted material.

Need more information?

If you have any questions, feel free to email us or phone 13 12 53.