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Wondering if we could be the place to start your career or make your next career move to?  There’s no better way to find out whether an apprenticeship could be right for you than to hear what life is like as an apprentice from the apprentices and their coordinators.

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My current role is third year Electrical Fitter Mechanic Apprentice and I’m currently at Banyo workshop.

Before I started this apprenticeship I was in the dental industry and it is a massive change from what I did and there was definitely nerves or worry about it ‘cause I’ve never seen anyone work on the powerlines before or what this job really entails but I’m 100% glad I’ve done it. I wouldn’t change it for the world and I absolutely love it.

I think the most exciting thing for me is the opportunity to have access to the training and being able to learn this industry. Female coming into the workforce that is still a very male dominated industry but it’s definitely changing, they’re definitely open to having females out there and um, very encouraging I think.

Everyone’s really warm and welcoming. You can’t ask too many questions, everyone is always happy to give you a go and back you up if you ever feel you need it…um…and really encouraging when you do conquer one of your life goals or your targets that you really wanted to achieve.

I definitely love the physical challenge of this role. Like, it’…there’s nothing more satisfying after a hard day’s work to see that yep, you achieved what you weren’t sure you could achieve at the start and the whole crew gets behind you too, so they’re really happy with your achievements too.  So, definitely the physical is fun and it’s a really good experience.

I’d highly recommend an apprenticeship within our company, like it’s a good opportunity, there’s so many different avenues where you could go and even in the future, after you’ve finished, there’s so many different avenues you can take, so I couldn’t recommend it enough.  I’ve really enjoyed my time and I really look forward to the future and what it holds.

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I am currently a second year Electrical Linesman. I am working within an overhead crew learning the day-to-day jobs and duties of an apprentice. Working on the network on overhead site, fitting installing poles.

As an adult apprentice, I was a bit dubious about whether I would be given the opportunity but Energy Queensland has quite a diverse background from school leavers to adult apprentices so at 35 years old I was very hesitant to make a change for a new career but I wish I did this 10 years ago. I really do.

I enjoy coming to work every day. Every day’s a challenge, every day the location is different as well so it keeps things fresh and you come and work with a great group of people.  To me that really makes it an enjoyable day knowing that you’ve achieved something at the end of the day.

You’re given the opportunity to get some of the best experience, the best training provided and you’re paid to do that.

The people who are working here want to be here. They enjoy their jobs. I’ve been in a lot of different industries and I by far think that this is the best industry to be in because everyone wants to be here, you achieve something for the community, you get to work with your hands, your tools are provided, the gear you’ve got is second to none and the training they provide is again second to none as well.

The opportunities that you have within this industry, and it’s a very exciting time in this industry. Technology is changing, it’s a really good time to be an apprentice in Energy Queensland.

My advice to any young person who wanted to join the company is give it a go. It’s a great company to work for, they look after you, they put safety first, they put procedures in place to get you home safely every night and, myself with two kids, that’s all I want. I want to do my day’s work, I want to get home to my family.

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I am the Apprentice Program Leader. I look after all the apprentices in the Flinders and Pioneer region.

I have now worked with the apprentice program for the last 14 years, I really enjoy working with the apprentices and it gives me a lot of satisfaction.

So, I get to see new, fresh-faced young people coming to our industry and grow in skills and knowledge throughout their apprenticeship, turn out to be very qualified and skilled tradespeople.

Our apprentices are always working as part of a team. They have a great support network in that team environment, the Work Group Leaders, the Supervising Tradesmen, the Apprentice Coordinators or the Apprentice Program Leaders…we’re all there to provide support all the way through the apprenticeship and make sure it’s an easy transition from not knowing much within our industry to gaining the skills and knowledge to become a qualified tradesperson.

If you’re a highly motivated person that wants to learn in a company like ours…it’s a very safe environment, very team orientated …this is probably one of the best places to learn your trade and you’ll get a lot of satisfaction and enjoyment out of being an apprentice with Energy Queensland.

My current role is the Apprentice Coordinator for the Gold Coast area and I look after areas south of Brisbane as well.  I love the outdoors and I love being able to get out and spend time with the apprentices in their actual work environment.

There’s no better feeling, when we see an apprentice come through the recruitment and watch them grow into the tradesman after four years …there’s no better reward than that.

Love giving everyone the same opportunities throughout the business, whether they’re a school leaver or mature aged, those opportunities are there for everyone and to be a part of that, it brings great satisfaction.

The best thing about an apprenticeship with Energy Queensland is that you’re going to get paid to learn, you’re going to get to use the best tools and the best equipment and you’re going to spend time in the best training facilities in the state.

The future and the success of our business is all based around teamwork so you’ll be an important member of that team, so as part of a team, I guess we all build on each other’s knowledge, and we all work together to keep each other safe ‘cause at the end of the day we all want to go home safe.

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