About the program

If you’re completing a university degree and looking to build a career in Engineering, Data Science or ICT/Digital our Graduate Program offers a unique opportunity.

When available, applications for Graduate opportunities will be open in March/April for commencement in either February or July the following year. We'll advertise on our Key dates and careers fairs webpage when applications are open.

Expand your horizon and map your own journey

You’ll have the opportunity to make an impact working with the people who power Queensland. Working within Australia’s largest electricity network (serving over 2 million customers), you’ll be positioned as a graduate to make your mark, helping to guide the energy industry’s transition from coal to renewables.

Our three-year program offers you a diversity of working and learning experiences to help you develop future-focused technical, business and leadership skills.

Our graduates are an important part of the organisation. They bring in new experiences, new ideas, new thoughts, and they're the next generation of our engineers to take the business to the next level of technology.

So there's many benefits about being on the graduate program. You're given a mentor that mentors you through the whole program.

They do a range of different activities with different groups, so they experience a broad depth and breadth of the organisation, from working in the city to working out in the rural areas.

There's a lot of flexibility in the job, I work a 9-day fortnight, which allows me to have long weekends doing the things I love. There's a lot of training. It's a really fostered learning environment so we do a lot of technical and business training courses outside of the company. On top of all that there's a really rewarding salary package. They’re just some of the things I love about the graduate program.

It's an exciting time to be working in the energy industry as we we transition from non-renewable coal fired to renewable energy. There's a lot of opportunities and challenges to be had. It's a fantastic time to be the industry.

As part of the program you'll be:

  • Developing a breadth of transferrable skills by undertaking six-monthly rotations through an exciting range of business areas, roles, specialisations and locations across Queensland
  • Collaborating with experts and new and emerging technologies to challenge your critical thinking abilities and accelerate your learning in an environment that values new ideas and innovation
  • Given your own mentor, an experienced professional who will provide one-on-one leadership and support to guide your development and success
  • Accessing an extensive range of professional development in technical and business area, exposing you to best-practice, emerging and future ideas from the industry and beyond
  • Supported by flexible working conditions so you can manage your professional and personal priorities
  • Rewarded with a competitive salary package and ongoing opportunities for pay progression.

Our culture empowers you to take charge of your development and career direction. With the support and guidance of your dedicated mentor, you'll shape your rotations and development activities on each rotation together.

The most exciting thing about working in the Australian energy industry, is that we're going through the biggest transition in over 100 years. We're moving away from coal fired power stations to more renewable energy sources. It's a culture of innovation that we're currently driving today.

The support on the grad program is amazing and actually starts before the first day of work. So that way when you rock up, you already know two people, and that's your mentor and your manager. Your mentor is there to guide you throughout the graduate program.

So our mentors are really good at what they do, and I think the reason why that is, is that they were once graduates themselves. So they know what it feels like, they've experienced it, and they can really relate.

Additionally to your mentor, you have your manager, and they're there to provide you the technical knowledge.

I think graduates are an important part of any organization. You're introducing diversity of thought. It's really a great environment for a young keen graduate engineer to come into.

So where will your big opportunity take you?

Our Graduate Program gives you direct access to a wide range of career pathways and opportunities. You're only limited by your imagination, passion, motivation and drive to succeed. We can place you in a number of locations to begin your career journey.

We have various divisions, functions and roles that you can start your Graduate Program in. And hopefully in time, you'll progress to a senior management role like our previous graduates.

The thing that I enjoyed most about the grad program was probably the diversity. I got to develop a broad range of skills. I got to work in a lot of the core areas of the business. And I got to work with a pretty broad and diverse range of people.

When I was on the graduate program, I enjoyed most the diversity of regions that I was able to work in. But most importantly, the diversity of technical content that I was able to explore and be able to apply in real ways. The thing I love most about this job is the work that my team does in connecting particularly large-scale renewables, is world leading.

What I enjoy most about the graduate program is its friendly culture and genuine interest from the senior management to see you grow.

What I enjoyed most about the grad program was the opportunity to spend time out in the field with field workers understanding how to construct things, how to practically operate in an engineering environment. My advice for aspiring graduates is use the opportunity to learn as much as you can from all the experts across the business because they're the relationships you'll build on in the future.

For anyone who's thinking of becoming a graduate I certainly recommend you to be bold and absorb like a sponge.

Want to find out more?

For more about our Graduate Program, contact our Careers team:

T: 1800 656 810

E: careers@energyq.com.au