Our advantage

A great place to work

There are a number of reasons why Energex is a great place to work. We offer a positive and safety-first work environment, the chance to achieve a healthy work/life balance and plenty of opportunities for professional development.

A positive work environment

We offer a positive work environment, where staff respect and support each other. We’re committed to:

  • open and honest communication
  • high standards of professionalism
  • promotion of equity and actively seeking diverse points of view
  • genuine consultative processes
  • a willingness to compromise when appropriate.

Our social club helps build a positive team culture through regular social events.

We also have and adhere to a strong harassment policy to keep our workplace free from prejudice, harassment and discrimination. We make sure everyone has equal access to employment, learning, professional development and promotional opportunities.

Diversity and inclusion

We recognise and value the unique contribution people make through their different experiences, skills and perspectives. Read more on our Energy Queensland Diversity and Inclusion webpage about our range of diversity programs and activites.

A safety-first environment

Safety is the number one priority. Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our employees and we’re committed to achieving an injury-free workplace.

We have a number of strategies in place to keep safety front of mind for employees, managers and our Board.

Read our latest Health and Safety Policy (PDF 418.1 kb).

A healthy work/life balance

We offer working conditions and flexible work practices to support a healthy balance between work and personal life. These include:

  • flexible working arrangements such as part-time employment, job-sharing and working from home
  • paid family leave to meet dependent care responsibilities
  • paid maternity leave (14 weeks) and paid paternity leave (1 week)
  • the opportunity to purchase extra annual leave for proportionate pay
  • leave without pay.

Our well-being programs aim to improve the health and well-being of employees through fitness and life education programs.

When staff need extra support, we have our Employee Assistance program. It offers short-term, professional counselling to help resolve work-related or personal concerns that may be impacting on work performance or quality of life.

We offer professional development

We give our staff opportunities to develop their technical and leadership skills and to advance their careers through:

  • on-the-job coaching and training
  • job rotation and experience programs
  • opportunities to act in higher positions
  • secondments and transfers
  • study assistance
  • training and development opportunities.

Positive employee relations

We build positive relationships with our people and their unions. Our underlying principles are to:

  • establish a coordinated approach to industrial relations
  • communicate well with all key stakeholders including employees and unions
  • work with unions and employees to take all reasonable steps to resolve issues in a mutually beneficial way
  • resolve issues at the local level where possible
  • prevent and quickly resolve disputes and minimise operational impact
  • comply with industrial instruments.

We respect our employees’ choice to join a union and don’t discriminate on the basis of membership or non-membership.

See our Energy Queensland Union Collective Agreement 2020 (PDF 10.8 mb).