Success stories

Paul – Overhead linesperson

“Even when I was an apprentice, I always said I’d emigrate. When I saw the Energex ad in the local paper and checked out the website, I thought it’s now or never.

The reason I went for it was that Energex is a government-run company. After seventeen years working for an equivalent company in the UK and with a family to support, a big plus for me was the job security.

I was impressed with the help they gave us before we arrived – the Energex HR team bent over backwards to help us get over here and start our new life in Australia as permanent residents.

Energex is very hot on safety, so although they acknowledged my experience, they put me through a five-week new starter course and I did some training in the field with the guys I was going to be working with. With my linesperson experience, I picked it up pretty quick.

With just the four of you on a team, you develop a good camaraderie and although we enjoy a good laugh, we’re always safe at work and look out for each other.

The networks are similar to what I was used to in the UK, but you do a lot more live work here because the weather is a lot better. The weather makes it for me – not just for working life but for family life too.

I’ve been on switching, control and LV courses and I’ve just finished a 12-week live line course so now I’m back to the level I was in the UK, which is where I wanted to be. Going back to the live line is a big perk for me.“

James – Apprentice linesperson

“I’d always wanted to work outdoors rather than going to Uni. I heard good things about Energex from family members in the industry and had a few mates there, so I decided the apprenticeship would be a good move for me.

Because you have to climb poles and towers, working as a linesperson is a physically demanding job. That’s great for me because I play grade rugby for Brothers Rugby Union and ENERGEX encourages sporting activities outside of work to keep you fit.

They’ve been very supportive of my passion for rugby. In fact, after I suffered a sports injury, they got me on a rehabilitation program and put me on light duties so I’m not exposed to any risk of re-injuring myself. They’ve taught me new office-based skills, so I can still work and help the company.

As Linesperson, you assist on upgrades on the low voltage network, repairing and maintaining powerlines for customers. You also get involved in emergency repair work and I was proud to be part of the clean-up crew that restored power to 75,000 houses after the major storm at Christmas.

The most exciting thing I’ve done is a major project with Network Transmission Services, refitting hardware on two towers that cross the Brisbane River. Working 85 metres above the city was an experience to remember – I’ve got some great photos.

My mates work at restaurants or in weekend jobs while they’re at uni, but I’ve got a full-time role with a company that takes care of me and is in the news a fair bit which is quite exciting.

I can honestly say it’s never dull. Each day is a surprise really - things are always changing and there’s always different aspects to it everyday.

Staying with Energex and becoming a live linesperson is definitely a goal. From there I’d also like to travel and work around the world. Energex gives you a licence that’s recognised worldwide – you’d be wanted anywhere with the skills you learn here."

Han – Engineering graduate

“I didn’t expect Energex to invest so generously in their graduates; there aren’t many businesses that would trust you to work on multi-million dollar projects straight out of Uni.

Most companies train you to efficiency level, but here they look after your future as well as the present. In one and a half years, I’ve already done a variety of soft skills and computer skill training courses, which will help me, pursue a career in management.

With the huge variety of departments to rotate through, the excellent training plan and the wealth of knowledge I’m exposed to, I feel that I’m quickly transforming from a graduate engineer to a professional engineer.

I ask a lot of questions – ‘why do we do this or that’ – but I’ve found Energex has a very friendly, caring and professional environment and everyone (graduates included) gets treated with respect. There’s always help around the corner if you’re willing to ask and learn.

One of my best experiences was on a job where the planner had already provided the solution. As usual, I started asking questions and because of that we came up with a better solution that saved time and money. It was really satisfying moment.

When you’re working for such a huge company, with multiple departments and so many knowledgeable people, one of the biggest challenges can be figuring out who you need to talk to so you can get the job done.

But that’s the great thing about Energex - if you’re willing to ask and learn, your future is unlimited.”