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To get the latest updates on our work in South East Queensland connect with us online and follow our social media channels.

What to expect

Our social media pages are our invitation to you to give feedback and ideas on specific issues and engage in relevant discussion. You can find out more about our social media content, availability and rules of engagement by reading the Terms of Use.

Terms of Use

Our social media accounts are managed by the Corporate Communications Team, on behalf of all our departments. These Terms of Use provide an overview of how we communicate information through social media.

If you follow us, you can expect updates covering some or all of the following:

  • Power outages - Larger than 1000 customers will be auto-tweeted
  • Energy saving tips
  • Electrical safety information
  • Storm and natural disaster updates
  • Invitations to provide feedback on specific issues
  • Community support information


We update and monitor our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts 8.30am to 5pm weekdays. During times of power interruptions or severe weather we may also update our accounts on weekends and evenings.

There may be circumstances outside of our control where these social media sites are unavailable. In this instance, you can find the relevant information on or by calling us on 13 12 53. If it's an emergency please call 13 19 62.

Being followed

If you follow us on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn we may decide to follow you back. Being followed by us does not imply endorsement of any kind.


We welcome feedback and ideas from all our followers and endeavour to join the conversation where possible. All @replies and Direct Messages on Twitter, all private messages and comments on Facebook as well as comments on LinkedIn and YouTube will be monitored.

Helpful suggestions or relevant queries are passed to the relevant people. Where common topics and questions exist, we may issue a notification to all followers.

Rules of Engagement

Please interact with us only on issues, topics and incidents relevant to us and the services we provide. Do not repost other people's appeals, requests or offers. We do not engage on issues of party politics.

You can trust that posts, comments and tweets that have our logo next to them are reliable information. Comments by individuals may not be accurate.

In respect of our customers and followers; some of whom are under the age of 18, we won't respond to any off-topic, inflammatory, repetitive, offensive or inappropriate comments. Any posts or comments of this nature will be promptly deleted.

Followers may be blocked if they post, tweet or comment:

  • material that is unrelated to us
  • comments that are abusive, aggressive, inflammatory, repetitive, offensive or inappropriate
  • messages that encourage or suggest illegal activity
  • messages that infringe copyright or other intellectual property rights
  • commercial or other solicitations, advertisements or endorsements
  • comments not sent by the author and/or posted by anonymous or robot accounts
  • messages that breach an individual's privacy
  • communications which we consider to be from minors
  • communications that contain viruses or similar harmful programs


Personal information is respected by us as required under privacy legislation. We don't collect or use personal information from our social media accounts. Exceptions may occur in emergency situations. To address some of you concerns, we may ask for address and contact details so we can help you further. Please only send these via private message directly to us.

Followers are advised to be very careful about what they tweet or post. To protect followers' privacy and the privacy of others, please don't include things such as telephone numbers, email addresses or other personal identifiers in tweets or posts.

Staff using social media

The tweets, posts or messages of staff from their personal accounts don't represent the official views of our organisation. Such posts should be considered as those of private citizens and are not endorsed by us.

Contact the Corporate Communications team for any queries related to our social media accounts.