Demand Side Engagement Facility

If you would like to be kept informed of developments relating to network planning and expansion projects please register your details in the form below.

Not required for Individuals.
Not required for Individuals.
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Terms and conditions:

Terms and conditions

By registering as a non-network provider on the Energex Demand Side Management Engagement Facility (“Register”), You acknowledge and agree:

  • to receiving notifications from Energex from time to time relating to developments in distribution network planning and expansion (“Demand Management Activities”).  If You do not wish to receive these notifications, You acknowledge that you will unregister by notifying Energex at;
  • to Energex collecting and using Your information provided on the Register for the purpose of providing You with notifications regarding Energex’s Demand Management Activities. Your personal information collected by Energex is confidential and will only be disclosed to third parties in accordance with Energex’s privacy policy, which is available at or by calling 13 12 53 that registration as a non-network provider on the Register does not place any obligation on Energex to accept a non-network option proposal (if any) made by You to a non-network options report; and
  • that registration on this Register is non-exclusive and, in accordance with the National Electricity Rules, the Register is open to all interested non-network providers who wish to receive notifications from Energex regarding Demand Management Activities.

For any enquiries please email us at