Compensation claim form

Power outages due to storm events and other natural disasters are not claimable from us and are also excluded from our Guaranteed Service Levels.

If you hold a current household insurance policy, your insurer may consider your claim for damages. Please enquire directly with them for further information.

Compensation claim submissions will be considered by us and a response will be given to you on the issues raised.

If your item is damaged beyond economical repair, the claim will be settled by:

  • Replacement with a current market equivalent item
  • Reimbursement for its depreciated value dependent on the age of the item.

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Electricity account details:
    Your NMI is 10 or 11 digits with no spaces and can be found on your electricity bill.
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If yes, please scan and email to or fax to (07) 3025 8301. If yes, please scan and email to or fax to (07) 3025 8301.

The completion of this form does not constitute an admission of liability on the part of Energex.

Regarding your privacy

Energex is collecting personal information on this form for the purpose of processing your claim. By completing this form, you consent and agree to Energex collecting, managing and disclosing the personal information you have provided to us in accordance with our Privacy Statement. Our Privacy Statement and contact details are available at

By completing this form you acknowledge that:

  • The information given on this application form is complete and correct.
  • You are the owner of all the lost or damaged property identified in this claim request.
  • You will provide Energex assessors with reasonable access to investigate your claim request.
  • Any goods (excluding food) included in your claim request will not be disposed of without the prior consent of Energex.