Guaranteed Service Levels FAQs

We're committed to making sure the safe and efficient delivery of electricity to your home or business meets an agreed set of industry standards. It's our promise - to eligible customers - that we'll meet the Guaranteed Service Levels (GSLs) set out in the Electricity Distribution Network Code.

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Common questions

How long do we take to process and pay GSLs?

The Code provides that Energex is required to use best endeavours to process a claim for a GSL payment within one month after receiving a claim.

I think I should have been paid a GSL but haven’t received anything as yet?

If you believe you're entitled to a GSL payment, you may lodge a claim by calling us on 13 12 53, or by completing our online form.

Is there a time limit to when I can apply for a GSL payment?

Yes there is. You have three months from the date the event took place to lodge a claim.

Who do I call about a GSL payment?

To enquire about the eligibility of a GSL payment, please call us on 13 12 53.

If you have contacted your electricity retailer, they should pass these details onto us and we'll investigate and determine whether you're eligible for a GSL payment.

How will I receive a GSL payment?

GSL payments are in the form of a cheque, made out to the electricity account holder.

If the account is not in my name can I still lodge a claim?

You're still able to lodge a claim, however, in the event our investigation determines a GSL is payable, this payment will be made out to the electricity account holder.

Why does the GSL payment need to be made out to the account holder?

To ensure that the payment is made to the person with whom we have the Connection Agreement and to comply with the Electricity Distribution Network Code.

Why are GSLs processed and paid automatically?

This was a directive from the Queensland Competition Authority, with these changes reflected in the Electricity Distribution Network Code.