Metering and connection charges

To align with new National Electricity Rules set by the AER, customers are now required to pay for individual metering connections and personalised metering enhancements or alterations. Basically, where all tariff/metering and connection costs were previously shared by all South East Queensland customers; individual tariff/metering costs will now be paid by the individual customer.

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Common questions

What is a Metering Service Charge?

Metering Service Charges (MSC) are charges for the provision of metering services by Energex to its customers.

The MSC's are not new charges and were previously included in the Supply Charges shown on a your electricity bill.

Why am I now being charged for my Tariff 11/Controlled load/Solar PV meters?

These are Metering Service Charges and they are not new they were previously bundled into the Supply Charge.

What am I paying for through the daily Supply Charge that is listed on my bill?

The Supply Charge covers the cost of providing and maintaining the physical connection to your premise (poles & wires).

What is the difference between the Supply Charge and the Metering Service Charge?

The Supply Charge is associated with the cost to provide and maintain a physical connection to your premise (poles & wires), whereas the Metering Service Charge is associated with the cost to provide and maintain the metering at your premises.

Why is the Supply Charge a fixed fee?

The Supply Charge is a fixed fee which recovers the cost of providing and maintaining the physical connection to your premise, (poles & wires), not the energy that you consume.

How can I dispute or discuss these charges?

If you wish to discuss or dispute your electricity charges your first point of call is your retailer. If required your retailer will then discuss the issue with Energex.

If my meters are not provided by Energex will I have to pay the Meter Services Charge?

If you purchased your meters from an alternative Metering Provider you will not pay a Metering Services Charge to Energex.

Why isn’t there a Metering Service Charge for my Tariff 11 meter?

Previously the Supply Charge included the Metering Service Charges related to the premise.  Some Retailers have left the Tariff 11 Metering Service Charge in the Supply Charge.

Will all customer charges go via the Retailer?

Most services will be billed to the electricity account holder via their retail bill.  However price on application (POA/quoted) services and services not raised via the retailer will be billed directly to the customer from Energex and will not appear on the retail bill.

Is a new connection free? What will we pay after 01/07?

The customer does not pay upfront for the service connection, but they will pay upfront for the meter installation.  This charge will be via their retailer and any other planning and augmentation required to allow connection directly by Energex where applicable.

Is there a charge for a change of tariff and does this show up on a customer's bill?

Yes. The charge for the tariff change will show up as a specific line item on the customer's next retail bill.  The charge will either be for a meter reconfiguration or a new meter install depending on existing metering configuration.

Will the customer only find out about these fee once they get their bill?

The retailer can supply the customer with the specific fee or a fee range (where the request could result in differing services) on receipt of a Service Order Request from Energex.

Bills get charged to the tenant through their electricity bill, how can the owner get a bill if the work was for them?

All metering services will be charged to the account holder through the retailer.  Some connection services may be charged directly to a customer and this may be the owner.  In the situation where a service is required by the owner but appears on the customers bill there will have to be an separate agreement between the owner and the account holder in relation to reimbursement.

Are you still going to have rebates on controlled tariffs?

Yes at this stage. There will be further communication if this is going to change.

What is the fee for the installation of a meter?

The fees and charges for the installation of new or additional meters can be found on our Pricing page.

Will the customer's retailer discuss Energex charges with the customer?

Energex is informing all retailers of the new charges to be applied from 1 July 2015.  Energex cannot compel a retailer to discuss Energex charges with the customer.  However it is expected that the retailer will be able to advise their customer a range in which the cost of a service will fall.

Can a customer supply their own meters?

Prior to the introduction of "Power of Choice" a customer cannot supply their own primary revenue metering unless they wish to convert to contestable type 1-4 metering.  However customers can supply their own sub-metering meters as is currently allowable.

Will there now be a charge for hanging a service?

No.  here is no upfront charge for hanging a new service (ie new connection) but there will be an upfront charge for the installation of the meter.

However, where a customer has asked for a change to an existing service (i.e. change POA, upgrade to 3 phase) a charge will be applied.