PeakSmart air-conditioning rewards

If you are replacing or purchasing a new air-conditioner, help manage peak demand by choosing a PeakSmart air-conditioner and be rewarded up to $400 by connecting it to the PeakSmart program.

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Common questions

What is the PeakSmart air-conditioning Positive Payback offer?

The following rewards are available, based on the cooling capacity of the air-conditioner(s) you purchase and connect to the program.

Cooling capacityReward available
Less than 4kW$100
4kW but less than 10kW$200
10kW or more$400

Households or businesses can claim up to five rewards (per premise) for any type of PeakSmart enabled air-conditioner where a signal receiver is installed.

How will I receive my reward?

Your reward will be deposited into your nominated bank account via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) within 28 days of a successful application.

How many PeakSmart air-conditioners can I receive a reward for?

Households and businesses can claim a reward for any type of PeakSmart enabled air-conditioner where a signal receiver is installed however if claim numbers are greater than five, this will be reviewed and approved at the discretion of Energex.

I have received an email notification stating my application was successful, when will I receive my reward?

PeakSmart rewards are deposited into your nominated bank account via EFT within 10 days of approval (i.e the date of your successful notification email). Please review your bank statement around the date you received your successful notification email.

I have received an email notification stating I have provided Invalid Bank Account Details, how do I receive my reward?

You are still eligible for your reward, we just need your correct bank details. Please submit a new application with the correct bank details and we will process your application.

How does PeakSmart air-conditioning help address peak demand?

As we increasingly rely on electricity as part of our everyday lives, energy use during peak times continues to rise. Millions of dollars are spent on extra electricity infrastructure to cater for these peak times. PeakSmart helps us use our network more efficiently, and is one of our solutions for managing peak demand.

How does PeakSmart air-conditioning work?

It works via a signal receiver, a small device installed in the PeakSmart air-conditioner(s). A signal is sent remotely by Energex via your power supply that tells the air-conditioner to cap its energy consumption on occasions when the network reaches peak demand.

PeakSmart air-conditioning has been designed by major air-conditioning manufacturers and adheres to industry standards. The technology is designed to be set and forget, similar to your air-conditioner being in economy mode. You won't have to do anything and you won't notice a difference to your comfort.

Does my PeakSmart air-conditioner need to be on a particular setting for the signal receiver to work?

No. The signal receiver can be activated on any setting and temperature.

How often will the signal receiver be activated?

We'll only activate the signal receiver on occasions when the electricity network reaches peak demand. In the last 12 months, signal receivers have only been activated 5 times.

Will I be notified before Energex activates the signal receiver?

No. PeakSmart air-conditioning is designed to be set and forget.

What will happen to my air-conditioner when it goes into Demand Response mode?

Some PeakSmart enabled air-conditioners have a Demand Response Mode display on the indoor unit. The display could be labelled DRM1, DRM2, DRM3 (wording may differ model to model). These modes are described in more detail below:

ModeDisplayDescriptionWhat to do
DRM3D3Your air-conditioner will continue to cool or heat during the peak demand event. The energy consumed by your air-conditioner is capped to 75%No action is required
DRM2D2Your air-conditioner will continue to cool or heat during the peak demand event. The energy consumed by your air-conditioner is capped to 50%No action is required
DRM1D1Your air-conditioner is still turned on and the fan will continue to operate. Your compressor is turned off and cool/hot air will no longer be generatedDRM1
 mode is only activated during emergency demand management situations.  This mode will automatically reset the device within 2 hours .If your air-con is in this mode for longer than 2 hours please contact Energex on 13 12 53

Please note, some PeakSmart air-conditioner models do not have a display mode when in in DRM mode.

Can I turn off the Demand Response mode on my air-conditioner?

When your air-conditioner unit goes into a Demand Response mode you are unable to reverse the function by changing temperature settings or other actions.

How do I get a signal receiver for my air-conditioner?

Your signal receiver will be provided by your air-conditioning retailer or installer, when you purchase a PeakSmart air-conditioner.

If your retailer or installer did not provide you with a signal receiver, please contact your retailer to provide you with one.

Is the cost of installing PeakSmart air-conditioning included as part of the Positive Payback offer?

No. You'll need to arrange and cover the cost for a qualified air-conditioning installer to fit your PeakSmart air-conditioner(s).

The signal receiver is designed for simple installation and is not expected to add much time to the process.

Your Positive Payback reward should help cover the purchase and installation cost.

What do I do if the signal receiver is damaged or faulty?

Please call Energex on 13 12 53 to discuss your signal receiver query.

I am having trouble logging into the Energex Customer Portal, who do I contact?

Please contact us at

I am experiencing difficulties with submitting my reward application, who do I contact?

If you are experiencing difficulties with submitting your online reward application, please contact 13 12 53 for assistance.

I want to withdraw from the PeakSmart program, what do I need to do?

If you decide to leave the PeakSmart program you will need to cover the cost of your own electrician to remove the signal receiver.

Please contact us at or on 13 12 53, we will arrange for a pre-paid return post bag to be sent so you can return the signal receiver to Energex..