PeakSmart events FAQs

PeakSmart events happen a few times a year and help manage peak demand on the electricity network.

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Common questions

What is peak demand?

Just like the train you catch to work, the electricity network has its own ‘rush hour’. Here in Queensland, this tends to be between 4pm and 8pm, when many households switch on energy-hungry appliances like air-conditioners and pool pumps at the same time as other everyday appliances. We call this ‘daily peak demand’.

Once or twice a year, we also experience ‘network peak demand’. This occurs on days of extreme hot or cold, as households and businesses try to carry on as usual despite intense weather.

Managing peak demand is essential to ensuring the network is stable, and lowering the costs associated with building new infrastructure.

Can our network cope with network peak demand?

Our network is designed to cope with these peaks and has extra capacity to cater for extreme weather days. Part of the network we build in South East Queensland is used for only a few hours, a few times a year, at times of network peak demand. We are working to reduce this and create a more sustainable approach.

How do PeakSmart events help with network peak demand?

PeakSmart is an innovative technology that helps moderate power usage at times of peak demand. It's aimed at reducing growth in electricity prices by reducing future network costs.

A PeakSmart event is a situation where the network calls on connected PeakSmart appliances, like air-conditioners, via a signal receiver. When called upon, these appliances drop into Demand Response Mode, which is like economy mode, reducing the amount of power they draw from the grid.

Over time, PeakSmart events help lessen the need to build more network infrastructure, and help with localised issues during times of peak demand.

Do PeakSmart customers notice any difference in their comfort levels during PeakSmart events?

We regularly survey PeakSmart customers to determine whether they’ve noticed any difference during a PeakSmart event. At the last survey, over 70,000 PeakSmart customers didn’t notice any difference to their comfort levels when their air-conditioners were in Demand Response Mode.

How long does it take for the air-conditioners to come out of Demand Response Mode?

There's a slight time delay when air-conditioners come out of Demand Response Mode. It could take a number of minutes before an air-conditioning unit reverts to full operation. Please note, different models and manufacturers will vary.

How quickly do we respond to customer queries and resolve issues?

Our Demand Management team works closely with contracted technicians to ensure air-conditioners are inspected and faults are resolved within 2 business days of being notified of any issue.

Who do I contact if I get a fault?

You can contact your installer or call our Contact Centre on 13 12 53 to report any faults relating to PeakSmart appliances.