Power outages FAQs

Power outages can happen for a number of reasons such as storms, lightning, car accidents, trees or branches falling onto powerlines or maintenance or upgrade works on the electricity network.

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I've lost power. How do I find out what's going on?

Please check our Emergency Outages page for information about electricity supply in your area. Check restoration times if you’ve lost power unexpectedly. You can also find out if the power is scheduled to be turned off in your area by checking our Planned Outages page.

Want to stay informed? Register for SMS text notifications or email alerts for power outages in your area.

Please note: Any electrical faults, including brown outs, might be caused by fallen powerlines. Always assume fallen powerlines are live. Stay well clear and warn others. In case of a life threatening emergency, call Triple Zero (000) or 13 19 62.

I've lost power and can't find any outages relating to my premises. What can I do?

Call us on 13 62 62 any time of the day or night if you have a problem with your power supply that doesn’t appear on our Emergency Outages or Planned Outages pages.  Precise details will help our emergency crews to restore power.

In case of a life threatening emergency, call Triple Zero (000) or 13 19 62. Any electrical faults, including brown outs, might be caused by fallen powerlines. Always assume fallen powerlines are live. Stay well clear and warn others. Report it to us immediately.

I have a water pump. Will my water and toilet facilities still work?

Your water and toilet facilities will continue to work if you don't use an electric water pump.If electricity is required to have your water running or to refill your toilet for flushing, we suggest filling your bath tub with a reserve of water prior to the planned power outage for use during it.

Will the food in my refrigerator last?

If the doors remain closed, refrigerated food can stay cool for several hours depending on:

  • Age and size of the refrigerator
  • Time elapsed since you last opened the fridge door
  • Amount of food in the fridge and the room temperature

If your fridge has been off for more than 4 hours, you should assume it is about 5 degrees. Your perishable foods may become contaminated if they have been stored above 5 degrees for more than 2 hours. Frozen food can remain safe for up to 24 hours.

To aid the running of the fridge, you can freeze plastic bottles of liquid or keep containers of ice for emergency usage. Purchasing blocks of ice is also recommended. Bulk frozen food will keep cold longer than an empty freezer if you don't open the door.

For more information on food safety, visit Food Standards Australia.

Will my landline phone still work?

We recommend ensuring your mobile is fully charged. A cordless phone will not work during the outage.

Keep in mind that any equipment connected via the NBN broadband access network will not work during a power outage.

For more information on how each form of technology connected to the NBN broadband access network is affected when the power goes out, visit the NBNco website.

The power is out and my mobile phone battery is running low. What should I do?

Use your mobile phone sparingly and turn it off between uses. Try a car charger or make sure you're prepared for storm season by including a battery-operated mobile phone charger in your storm kit.

Will the power outage affect my appliances?

We recommend turning off and unplugging all appliances with sensitive electrical components, such as computers, televisions, DVD players, microwaves, etc.Leave a light on so you can see when the power comes back on.

I have an aquarium. How will I keep the water oxygenated?

If you have a fish tank, you can use a plastic container to scoop out some water and slowly pour it back into the tank which effectively oxygenates the water. Speak to your local pet shop during extended power interruptions or if you have any further queries about oxygenating your fish tank.

If the power is off will my hard-wired fire alarm still work?

To avoid problems, ensure your back up battery is fully charged. Replace the battery if necessary.

Will my security alarm still work if the power is off?

This depends on the type of security system installed at your property. Some alarms will have a backup battery which allows the system to continue working. Please check the battery is fully charged.

If you are unsure how your security system works please check the manual or contact the manufacturer.

I have a remote control garage or electric gate. Will I be able to get out of my property?

All electric garage doors must come with manual release (normally a pull cord) and electric gates come with a manual release key.This will allow you to open the door to remove your vehicle.If you are unable to locate this, please check the manual or contact the manufacturer.

A person at this address requires electricity for life support. What do I do?

In case of a life threatening emergency, call Triple Zero (000) or 13 19 62.

If you or someone in your home relies on a life support system, such as a kidney dialysis machine or oxygen concentrator, please contact either Energex or your electricity retailer to register for our Life Support Program.

Life support customers are encouraged to register for notifications about power outages via email or SMS.

How do I heat my baby's bottle during the power outage?

If you do not have power, you can use hot water boiled on your barbecue to heat your child's bottle. Otherwise, your local fast food outlet or convenience store may assist in filling your bottle with hot water.


This is not an exhaustive list of all safety matters that need to be considered. Whilst care is taken in the preparation of this material, Energex does not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of information.

Energex will not be responsible for any loss, damage or costs incurred as a result of any errors omissions or misrepresentations in relation to the material in this document or for any possible actions ensuing from the information contained above.