Corporate responsibility

ENERGEX office workers exit boardroomCorporate Responsibility (CR) is an operating model for businesses to provide a better and more sustainable service to customers, communities and stakeholders.

At Energex, Corporate Responsibility is more than just a mantra - it is an essential part of the way we do business in the community.

Delivering sustainable and balanced outcomes lies at the heart of our daily operations and long term strategies.

To ensure we continue to deliver and improve our business operations, Energex participates in CR measuring and reporting programs, which provide guidelines and feedback to improve our business practices.

Community responsibility

We aim to be a trusted community partner that builds sustainable growth in South East Queensland and supports our customers' 21st century lifestyle aspirations.

Driving our vision and purpose is a set of core values and objectives,  outlined below:

Business ethics

Energex is committed to being honest, behaving with integrity and providing superior service in our business activities.


Simply, our staff are Energex.

Our team has a diverse skill base of specialised roles that ensures South East Queensland’s electricity supply is safe and reliable. We aim to build a sustainable, adaptable and engaged workforce.

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Important numbers


  • Emergencies   
13 19 62
  • Loss of supply    
13 62 62
  • General enquiries  
13 12 53


  • Police, Fire,      
  • State Emergency  
132 500

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