Environmental commitment

Energex is proud to support and care for the South East Queensland natural environment and community. Energex's Environment Policy is our commitment to minimising our impact on the environment and to continually improving our environmental performance.

We are careful to minimise our impact on the local environment and are actively engaged in a number of environmental initiatives as outlined below:

Trees growing in powerlines


Managing vegetation for new projects and around existing powerlines as well as minimising the spread of weeds.

Koala in a tree


Preventing harm and promoting the well being of wildlife. We also work hard to help eradicate pests like fire ants.

Recycle, Reduce Co2, Electric car symbols

Working green

Working to more sustainable operations through improvements in environmental, financial and social outcomes.

Hands digging in the ground to plant a tree

Environmental offsets

Working with our community partners to plant trees and initiate other environmental projects throughout South East Queensland.

The world as a jig saw puzzle

Environmental Management System

The framework for managing our environmental responsibilities and continually improving our environmental performance.


Cultural heritage

Working with community organisations and government agencies to carry out work without compromising Queensland's cultural heritage.

A mix of electrical icons such as solar, light bulb, powerlines, wind.

Reduce your environmental footprint

Helping our customers understand their electricity supply and the environment.

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