The environment

As part of our commitment to the natural environment in which we operate, Energex is certified under ISO 14001; the internationally-recognised environmental certification standard.

Environmental offsets

An environmental offset is an action taken to counterbalance unavoidable, negative environmental impacts that result from an activity or a development.

The Queensland Government has developed a policy for environmental offsets to help conserve Queensland's environmental values for future generations.

These offsets ensure that economic and social development can occur without an overall degradation of our environment.

Energex uses environmental offsets when all government environmental standards have been met and when impacts from an activity or development cannot be avoided or reduced. For further details, please refer to our Environment Offsets Policy.

The offsetting policies that affect the way Energex operates include:

Climate Change

We are dedicated to reducing the environmental impacts of our operations including our carbon, energy and water footprint.

We understand the potential impacts of climate change and manage and report our greenhouse emissions annually under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) framework.

Our Carbon Management Plan outlines a broad range of carbon mitigation initiatives that reduce our emissions, improve efficiencies in energy and waste and drive innovation in delivering energy to customers.

As well as reporting our emissions, we are developing a Network Adaptation Plan to understand the impacts of future climate change scenarios on our network.

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