Energex Regulatory Proposal

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is responsible for the economic regulation of Energex under the provisions of the National Electricity Rules.

We are currently working on our Regulatory Proposal for the period July 2015 to June 2020 which will be submitted to the AER in October 2014.

The proposal sets out the detail of our proposed capital and operating programs necessary to deliver our service obligations.

It also articulates how our Network and Demand Management Strategies address the external drivers and regulatory obligations we face in the delivery of services to customers.

Customer Engagement

Energex initiated a broad program of customer and stakeholder engagement and research in prepartion of the 2015-20 regulatory proposal. The outcomes of the engagement program will be used as an input into the submission to provide details on customer expectations regarding level of services, reliability and investment.

The detailed program of research and engagement is currently underway and will become an integral part of the submission.

Have your say on our five year future plan

Customers are encouraged to have their say on our five year future plan (2015-2020 Regulatory Proposal) by participating in a range of engagement activities.

Find out more about how you can have your say and register for updates.

Expenditure Forecasting Methodology

In accordance with clause 6.8.1A of the National Electricity Rules, Energex submitted an Expenditure Forecasting Methodology to the AER on 25 November 2013. This document sets out the methodology Energex proposes to use in preparing forecasts of operating expenditure (opex) and capital expenditure (capex) as part of the 2015-20 regulatory proposal.

Previous Proposal and Determination

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