Network Prices

Economic regulation of Energex

As stipulated by the National Electricity Rules (NER), Energex's economic regulation is governed by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

The AER released its Final Determination for Energex, on 6 May 2010, setting out the maximum revenue that we can recover for each year in the regulatory control period of 2010-11 to 2014-15.

On 19 May 2011, the Australian Competition Tribunal (the Tribunal) varied the AER's determination.  The Tribunal made its orders after a review of the value of imputation credits (gamma), alternative control services (quoted services) and labour cost escalators. 

Energex Pricing Proposal 2013/14

Energex submitted its 2013/14 Annual Pricing Proposal to the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

The AER assessed and approved the proposal in accordance with the requirements of the National Electricity Rules. 

The pricing proposal can be accessed from the Australian Energy Regulator's website.

Energex Network Tariffs 2013/14

In accordance with the Energex Pricing Proposal, our network tariffs have been formulated to reflect the costs allocated to various customer classes.

The 2013/14 Tariff Schedule provides Energex's network tariffs for standard control services and prices for alternative control services.

Standard control services:

  • For customers who have non-standard or significant connection arrangements (i.e. generally network users with annual consumption greater than 4 GWh), Energex will provide site specific tariffs directly to the network users and their retailer of choice.
  • For customers with standard connection arrangements (i.e. generally network users with consumption less than 4 GWh per annum), full details of the network charges are published in the Energex Tariff Schedule.

Alternative control services:

  • The Tariff Schedule sets out the list of services, product codes and tariffs that apply in the Energex distribution area.
  • The tariffs apply to the provision of services ancillary to the main network.
  • Retailers, customers and/or registered electrical contractors/builders/ developers may request these services. Some services may only be requested by retailers.

Straight kVA Network Tariffs

From 1 July 2013, straight kVA pricing will be introduced for ICC, CAC and EG customers replacing the existing power factor adjustment methodology and reflective of current practices in other jurisdictions.

For details on the calculation methodology Energex will use, please refer to the Energex Pricing Proposal or the kVA Fact Sheet

Expected Price Trends

In accordance with the National Electricity Rules, Energex must maintain a Statement of Expected Price Trends (to be updated for each regulatory year) indicating how prices are expected to change over the regulatory control period.

Capital Contributions Policy

Energex received notification in December 2009 that the AER had approved the Capital Contributions Policy as required under Clause 11.16.10 of the National Electricity Rules.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Glossary

For a list of frequently asked questions and a glossary of terms used in Network Pricing, please refer to the links below.

Prior Year Pricing Information 2012/13

The following documents are provided for historical purposes only.

Archived Tariff Schedules




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