Our electricity future

17 January 2017

By David Smales, Chief Executive Officer, Energy Queensland

Our electrical apprenticeship program plays a really important role in shaping the future direction of Energy Queensland.

This week I had the great pleasure of welcoming our latest intake.

Thirty-two women and men, with a broad range of skills and experience, joined our Energex team.

These new team members play an important role in developing the future of our business and delivering great outcomes for our customers and communities alike.

They have come on board at a really exciting time when technology and innovation are transforming our industry and the way in which we think about, and do, our work.

Fostering new ideas and innovation has always been a big part of how we operate, however we’re experiencing unprecedented levels of change across the electricity industry and there’s no sign things are going to slow down any time soon.

For these highly skilled individuals, learning will never stop.

Just like medical professionals, these apprentices will continue to adapt, change and improve their capabilities throughout the course of their careers as new technologies and techniques emerge over time.

Energy Queensland’s network covers virtually all of Queensland – from the Coolangatta / Tweed Heads border to the Torres Strait – with assets valued at more than $24 billion.

We connect and supply electricity to 2.1 million customers across the State, and we have about 205,000 km of electricity network (overhead and underground) – that’s approximately 115 times the distance from Brisbane to Cairns!

Energy Queensland provides a strong environment for these apprentices to develop in.

So I am looking forward to seeing this new crop of Energex apprentices out in the field and watching their capabilities and contributions grow.