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Energex Media releases

Have you potentially got a silent killer in your home?

10 December 2018

Have you ever felt an electrical shock or tingle when touching a tap or other piece of metal in your home? Read more...

Keep the parking away from pillar boxes this party season

4 December 2018

As suburban streets and footpaths become virtual car parks over the festive party season, Energex is urging drivers to be aware of small green electrical pillar boxes out the front of houses. Read more...

Your input shapes Queensland’s power needs

15 November 2018

Queenslanders will get to have their say on the State’s electricity future in coming weeks through the Queensland Household Energy Survey (QHES). Read more...

Campaign urges Queenslanders to Take Care, Stay Line Aware

3 September 2018

A State-wide electrical safety campaign starting this weekend aims to reduce the number of dangerous incidents involving contacts with overhead, underground and fallen powerlines. Read more...

Energex equipment thieves endanger lives

30 August 2018

Energex equipment thieves endanger lives

Watch electrical hazards when working in the yard this summer break

5 January 2018

Energex is urging home “do-it-yourselfers” and gardeners doing work around their yard this holiday period to beware of electrical dangers within their property. Read more...

Play it safe when packing away your Christmas lights

4 January 2018

Plenty of people will be packing away Christmas lights this weekend and, according to Energex, storing them properly gives them the best chance of being in good shape for the next festive season. Read more...

Energex’s safety tips for holiday DIY dangers

2 January 2018

If you’re planning to undertake home renovation tasks over the holidays Energex is urging you to be aware of potential electrical hazards lurking in your property. Read more...

Electric team keeping the Christmas lights twinkling

24 December 2017

While most of us will be handing out presents and sitting down to lunch with family Christmas Day a team of dedicated staff from Energex will be working hard to keep those lights on your tree twinkling. Read more...

Santa delivers a lifesaving message

18 December 2017

The world's most loved man is also the perfect poster boy for Energex's Look Up and Live high voltage safety campaign. Read more...