More bloody legends needed to help save lives

25 January 2022

Bloody legends

Ergon Energy and Energex’s “bloody legends” made a massive difference to the lives of Queenslanders in 2021 by giving 865 plasma donations and 457 whole blood donations to save an estimated 4086 lives.

Executive General Manager Customer Michael Dart said Australian Red Cross Lifeblood is an essential service for our communities, just like Ergon Energy Network and Energex.

“Every storm season Ergon Energy and Energex crews roll up their sleeves to help impacted communities and customers, but there’s also dozens of bloody legends in all parts of the businesses who help save lives all year around with plasma and whole blood donations,” Michael said.

“At the moment, only half of appointments made to donate are being followed through, with a lot of regular donors isolating or unwell due to COVID.”

“Red Cross Lifeblood needs 31,000 blood donations every week and a new blood donor every 5 minutes to keep up with demand so it’s important that anyone who is willing and able consider making a booking to donate – even if it’s for the first time.”

Red Cross Lifeblood Group Account Manager Liam Richardson said Ergon Energy and Energex had been incredibly generous and asked other businesses to encourage their people to follow suit.

“It’s great to see businesses with large workforces Like Ergon and Energex really get behind the message that we need more donors,” Liam said.

“I really encourage anyone who’s interested in learning more about donating blood or plasma to go to the Red Cross Lifeblood website and, if they’re willing and able, book a time. They’ll be making a real difference to someone’s life.”

Find out how to donate as a group here: