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Energex Media releases

Safety Heroes adapted for new era in education

10 August 2020

In a first for the Safety Heroes program, experts from Energex and Ergon Energy will be delivering lifesaving lessons through webinar events tailored for Queensland primary schools in rural, remote and metropolitan areas. Read more...

Queenslanders urged to take caution this fire season

7 August 2020

Energex and Ergon Energy are urging property owners to take extra precautions if they’re conducting controlled burns near the electricity network ahead of fire season. Read more...

A heartfelt safety message to kick off the crushing

3 July 2020

When Energy Queensland’s Mark Biffanti talks about the importance of powerline safety on farms, it comes from the heart. Read more...

Ergon and Energex keep the lights on during COVID-19

30 June 2020

Energex and Ergon Energy have been undertaking essential work and keeping lights on right across Queensland during COVID-19 and now we’re beginning to ramp up our efforts as access and work restrictions start to ease. Read more...

Power and the passion: an award-winning safety combo

24 June 2020

Energex Principal Community Safety Specialist Glen ‘Cookie’ Cook’s leadership and dedication to promoting powerline safety has been recognised with a national award. Read more...

Keep warm without overheating power usage

10 June 2020

With winter about to get colder Energex is recommending several tips to keep warm while curbing power usage. Read more...

Winter chill means check your heaters

1 June 2020

With plenty of people dragging their heating appliances out of storage for the expected cold weather Energex is urging the community to check them and use them safely. Read more...

Stay alive. Stay out of substations – Energex

27 May 2020

Energex substations have high fences, danger signs and significant security around them for a reason – the high voltage equipment inside can kill instantly. Read more...

Hitting electrical assets: would you know what to do?

13 May 2020

A spate of potentially deadly incidents involving vehicles and machinery hitting electrical assets has alarmed response crews and safety teams at Energex. Read more...

DIY tree trimmers risking lives

28 April 2020

Several homeowners were lucky to be alive recently after the trees and vegetation they were cutting down contacted powerlines according to Energex. Read more...