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Energex Media releases

Buy Christmas lights, not safety risks

8 November 2019

With plenty of Christmas lights and other powered decorations already making their way into stores and online Energex is urging people to be careful what they’re buying doesn’t end up being an electrical or fire hazard. Read more...

Powerline down safety campaign designed to save lives

17 October 2019

Last summer in NSW a person lost their life after touching a live powerline hidden among fallen tree branches brought down by a severe storm. Read more...

Veloway 1 bikeway closure for Energex network maintenance

26 September 2019

Energex will soon commence urgent underground network maintenance on the city's power grid that runs along the Veloway 1 bikeway. Read more...

Energex and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services urge extra caution when backburning near power assets

5 August 2019

Energex and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) are urging property owners to take extra precautions while conducting controlled burns near the electricity network. Read more...

It’s time to sign up for Safety Heroes

5 June 2019

Energex is encouraging Queensland primary schools to register for the 2019 Safety Heroes program, which teaches students all about electricity. Read more...

Don’t risk fire or electric shocks when heating your home this winter

3 June 2019

Heating appliances are fantastic for keeping warm during the cooler months, but damage and their misuse can also cause serious safety risks warns Energex. Read more...

Don’t pay for power you’re not using this Easter and beyond

18 April 2019

Holidaying over Easter can cost a small fortune so what’s the point in paying for electricity you’re not using while you’re away from home? Read more...

Customer self-meter reads made easy by Energex

9 April 2019

Energex has launched a new, improved online service for customers who want to do self-meter reads. Read more...