TV ads

TV ads

Below are our latest community safety advertisements. We not just on the TV, you'll also see us online and hear us on the radio. Interested in previous advertisements? Visit our YouTube channel.

The creative process

doppelgänger [dop-uh l-gan-er; German daw-puh l-geng-er] n. A ghostly double or counterpart of a living person.

This word was a big influence in the development of our latest community safety campaigns. In 2013, we launched new television advertisements using a "save yourself" concept around electrical safety scenarios – fallen powerlines, look up and live and in-home safety, with the tagline "If you could see the danger, you'd stop yourself".

Fallen powerlines during storms

This commercial highlights the danger of fallen powerlines during storm season (October to March). It also supports the Queensland Government's disaster management initiative – Get Ready Queensland.

No narrative in this video.

A man driving home from work during a storm drives into his driveway and sees a tree across the driveway. The man gets out of his car to move the tree and doesn't notice the live powerlines that had fallen down with the tree. The man's doppelganger runs towards the man in the driveway, reaching out to stop him.

Look up and live

This commercial highlights the danger of powerlines when working around the home.

No narrative in this video.

A man is standing at the top of a ladder working on the gutter of the roof close to the house service line. The man on the ladder doesn't notice he is almost about to touch the service line. The man's doppelganger runs toward the ladder, reaching out to stop him.