PA Research Institute

With more than 1,300 researchers working at the forefront of major health issues within Australia, the PA Research Institute works to increase awareness of and prevent diseases such as skin cancer, skin cancer, diabetes and arthritis.

Since 2014, a new research partnership has enabled us to work closely with the Institute in the fight against skin cancer. Through our funding, a world-first research project was able to be carried out in Queensland.

A pilot trial of skin examinations via mobile phone images promises to improve the early detections of skin cancers, save lives and offer fresh insights into preventing the disease. We worked with the Institute to create a health awareness event aimed at increasing sun protection, and had nearly 100 staff participate in skin checks at the Greenslopes and Geebung Depots.

Now, Australians involved in the pilot program can use their smart phones to photograph sections of their skin every day and upload the pictures to the team of PA Research Foundation dermatologists who will analyse the images for any changes.

The ground-breaking research will also examine how changes in clothing, geography and employment can affect the incidence of skin lesions.

As an organisation committed to safety, this partnership has allowed us to improve both the awareness and lifestyle of people across Australia. Early diagnosis is the key to reducing skin cancer, so this project has enabled the advanced detection and prevention of potential skin cancers.

For more information about the research project, head to PA Foundation.