Rural Fire Service

The Rural Fire Service Queensland (RFSQ), made up of 36,000 volunteers, is one of the state's key brigade services. Providing fire assistance to more than 90% of Queensland, the Service has a wide range of responsibilities – from firefighting, fire prevention and permits to light fires to community education and assistance during natural disasters.

Our continued work with the RFSQ allows us to build on our shared visions of providing community safety and electricity reliability.

Since 2007, we have provided more than 125 South East Queensland Rural Fire Brigades with more than $600,000 worth of valued equipment they need to increase their operational and support capacity. These essential resources include:

  • Generators
  • Chainsaws
  • First aid kits
  • Defibrillators
  • Protective personal equipment
  • Marquees
  • Trailers
  • Large eskies
  • Lighting tower kits
  • Portable fridges and pumps
  • GPS & Kestrel weather meter kit.

We are very grateful to Energex for this generous help. At any time we may be called to fight fires which could extend over several days and nights, and this equipment will be of great benefit for any field station where operations are planned and directed.

Barbara Snelling,  Secretary,  Mt Alford Rural Fire Brigade

Energex has long been a strong supporter of the RFSQ and the work it does. The funding it provides means our rural fire brigades have the gear they need, whether they are responding to calls for help in their local areas or supporting other brigades and emergency services.

Mike Wassing, Deputy Commissioner for Emergency Service Volunteers, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

Energex crews and rural firefighters share a common interest in providing a high quality service to the community while ensuring the public remains safe when events turn dangerous. Our crews and emergency volunteers have often stood shoulder-to-shoulder in many natural disaster situations … and South East Queensland has certainly copped its share. This is a relatively small way of us thanking those volunteers.

Terry Effeney, Chief Executive Officer, Energex

Energex has also helped the Rural Fire Service Qld to develop a comprehensive bushfire risk mitigation strategy which aims to greatly reduce both the threat of fire to electricity infrastructure and the potential of powerlines to trigger fires.

With our support, the RFSQ has also been able to develop and implement electricity network construction standards, which minimise the risk of fire in identified high bushfire risk areas, as well as the inspection and maintenance of electricity assets in high bushfire risk areas to ensure they are 'fire-safe'.

We aim to continue this valuable work with the Service to ensure our sustained contribution to community safety.

For information on how to prepare for bushfire, you can download our Bushfire Risk Management Plan.