Connecting with you

We provide a safe and reliable electricity supply to 1.4 million residential, commercial and industrial customers across a population base of 3.2 million people in South East Queensland.

We are focused on delivering balanced business outcomes to achieve a sustainable future for the energy services we offer you. We are committed to meeting your evolving energy needs by offering choice and affordability.

We recognise that the electricity supply and services we offer need to be relevant to your expectations and lifestyle choices. Therefore, having a clear understanding of what your preferences and expectations are and how you use our network will enable us to:

  • continue to provide you with a reliable electricity supply
  • offer the right level of services; and
  • ensure our network investment meets your needs.

Data to share

We provide our data for our customers to use. This data is about household electricity consumption, customer connections, connection types and solar PV installations within South East Queensland.

Influencing future network tariffs

We continue to work with customers to improve the way we charge for using the network through engagement activities and consultation on proposed changes.

Our research programs

We undertake research to ensure our services are relevant to your expectations and lifestyle choices. Your valuable insight into these topics helps us to understand how we can improve our electricity supply.

Our customer engagement strategy

Our customer engagement strategy outlines our vision, values and objectives for interacting with you.