Customer promise

We work to put you, our customer, at the centre of what we do and and we want to meet yours and other customers’ needs and expectations.

By understanding your energy needs and behaviours we can structure our activities in a way that is meaningful and relevant. Whether you are a residential customer, small business, electrical contractor, local council, part of the general community or one of our other customers, we want to make it easy for you to work with us.

Our purpose is to ‘provide choice and affordability to meet our customers’ evolving energy needs’. This is a key part of our customer strategy and will be brought to life by our people living the following principles:

  • Deliver safe and secure products and services.
  • Form strong relationships and partnerships based on trust.
  • Supply products and services at a competitive, affordable and sustainable price.
  • Communicate, engage, design and deliver products and services that are easily accessed and understood.
  • Provide choice through innovative products and services.

Read more about our plan to build long-term productive relationships with you in our Customer Strategy (PDF 1.8 mb).

Our latest customer activities

  • Through our tariff engagement program we are working with customers to improve the way we charge for using the network.
  • We are testing battery compatibility to the electricity grid and initial trials are underway at our EsiTrain site and a number of trial homes.
  • The Positive Payback Program is a way of rewarding homes and businesses who help us manage our peak electricity demand
  • Each year we run the Queensland Household Energy Survey to collect information about your energy efficiency, appliances and electricity use.

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