Customers on life support

Do you or someone residing or intending to reside at your premises require life support equipment? If so, you may like to register for the Life Support Program.

What's the Life Support Program?

We understand the critical role a reliable power supply is to anyone with a medical condition who requires life support equipment. To help, we have our Life Support Program for eligible customers to register for additional assistance.

The program provides you with valuable information on power supply interruptions. Knowing when outages are scheduled will help you to make timely decisions about your life support plan of action in the case of an unplanned interruption.

Am I eligible?

If you or a person residing or intending to reside at your premises requires any of the equipment below, you're a life support customer eligible for the Life Support Program:

  • an oxygen concentrator
  • an intermittent peritoneal dialysis machine
  • a kidney dialysis machine
  • a chronic positive airways pressure respirator
  • crigler najjar syndrome phototherapy equipment
  • a ventilator for life support
  • any other equipment that a registered medical practitioner certifies as required for life support.

How do I apply?

Please contact us on 13 12 53 to register your details.  Alternatively you may register with your electricity retailer.

We'll send you a letter and fact sheet outlining important information, including the Life Support Program phone number and the steps you need to take to complete your registration.

You'll also be provided with a copy of a Medical Certificate which you need to return to us after having your doctor complete and sign.

Keeping your details up-to-date

If your premises are registered as having someone who requires  life support equipment, it's essential that you keep us and your electricity retailer informed of any changes at your premises, including if you no longer need or wish to be registered on the Life Support Program.

Your electricity retailer holds important information, and will keep us informed of any changes so it's important that you also contact your electricity retailer for:

  • changes to your contact details, including telephone number and postal address
  • electricity rebates, and
  • matters involving your electricity account.

For further information regarding our Life Support Program for life support customers, please call us on 13 12 53.

Your plan of action

In case of a power interruption, you should have a plan to minimise the impact on your health. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How does your life support equipment perform if the main supply fails?
  • Have you contacted us about our Life Support Program?
  • If you have a back-up battery, is it fully charged for use at all times?
  • If you have reserve oxygen cylinders, are they filled and working?
  • Have you made a note of the nearest hospital, its address and contact details?
  • Do you know if your hospital can supply power via back-up generators during power interruptions?
  • If your back-up battery is low and power has still not been reconnected to your home, do you have a transport plan in place to enable you to get to the hospital?
  • Do you have important contact numbers on hand for:
    • Doctor
    • Local hospital
    • Ambulance
    • Taxi
    • Our life threatening emergency number – 13 19 62
    • Personal carer
    • Health care professional
  • Have you put together a Storm kit (PDF 2.0 mb)?
  • Is your supply of medications, prescription drugs and any special health needs fully stocked?
  • Have you protected your electronic equipment by plugging computers and other sensitive equipment into surge suppressors or considered an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for temporary back-up power?
  • Does your phone still work when electrical supply is disrupted? Cordless phones won't operate without electrical supply. Do you have an alternative phone service available?

You won't be able to use your landline phone if it is plugged into an NBN modem and there's a power outage. Should this happen, you must enact your Life Support plan of action.

For more advice on what to do to prepare for loss of power, see Be prepared for power outages.

Government concession schemes

If your life support equipment requires electricity for cooling or heating purposes, you may be eligible for a concession under the Queensland Government's Medical Cooling and Heating Electricity Concession Scheme.

If your life support equipment includes oxygen concentrators or kidney dialysis machines you may be eligible for the Electricity Life Support Concession Scheme.