Guaranteed Service Levels

We're committed to making sure the safe and efficient delivery of electricity to your home or business meets an agreed set of industry standards.

It's our promise to eligible customers¹ that we'll meet the Guaranteed Service Levels (GSLs) set out in the Electricity Distribution Network Code (the Code) effective 1 July 2015.

Processing and payment of GSLs for our small customers is automated, as directed by the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA).

This process is reflected in the Code. To summarise:

  • GSL payments are now automatically identified and calculated.
  • Small customers can make a manual claim (see 'How to claim' below) for an interruption duration GSL payment within three months of the relevant interruption.
  • We must use best endeavours to process a claim for a GSL payment within one month.

You may view answers to our frequently asked questions by visiting our FAQs webpage.

How to claim

To apply for a GSL payment, phone our Contact Centre on 13 12 53.

A Customer Service Representative will take you through the process and your claim for a payment can be made over the telephone.

Alternatively, you can complete our Guaranteed Service Levels Claim Form.

Service guarantees

We guarantee to meet the following GSLs, or you will receive a GSL payment by cheque.


Based on a particular time or time period within a day (up to a maximum time period of five hours), and unless we've contacted you the day before to reschedule, we'll be on time for appointments:

  • To read, test or inspect your meter.
  • To inspect, alter or add to your electrical installation.

You'll receive a $62 payment if we don't meet this guarantee.


As long as we've received all necessary paperwork and approvals from you or your retailer, electricity will be connected to your premises, where supply is available, by the agreed date.

If we need to construct new powerlines or infrastructure in order to connect your electricity, we'll work with you to set a date for the connection to be completed.

Should we not connect within the agreed time frame, you'll receive a $62 payment for each day we are late.

Planned outages

If we need to interrupt your electricity supply to carry out maintenance on our network, we'll provide at least four business days' notice.

We'll advise you of the expected start and finish times of the planned outage by one of the following:

  • mail
  • letterbox drop, letter or flyer
  • newspaper or radio advertisements
  • email
  • phone
  • fax

If we don't meet this guarantee, we'll pay residential customers $31 and eligible business customers $77¹.

For urgent work requiring action without delay - where failure to do so could result in an emergency or create a risk to the community or our staff - we'll use our best endeavours to advise you of the power outage.


If you need to reconnect your electricity supply and you've completed all necessary paperwork, reconnection will take place as follows (unless otherwise agreed with you):

  • Customers living in Brisbane CBD and urban areas:
    • We guarantee to reconnect within the same business day if you contact your retailer by midday, or the next business day if you contact your retailer after midday.
  • Customers living in Bay Islands and some rural areas:
    • We guarantee to reconnect within 10 business days. Should we not reconnect within the agreed time frame, you'll receive a $62 payment for each day we are late.

Reliability - duration of electricity outages

We aim to restore your power after an interruption to supply within eight hours for Brisbane CBD customers and 18 hours for customers outside the Brisbane CBD.

If we're unable to do so, you'll receive a $124 payment for each eligible outage.

Reliability - frequency of electricity outages

You're eligible for a GSL payment if you experience:

  • Ten or more interruptions of supply over a financial year for customers in Brisbane CBD and urban areas.
  • Sixteen or more interruptions of supply over a financial year for customers in rural areas.

You'll be eligible to receive a $124 payment if these duration and frequency reliability guarantees aren't met.

Only one claim for this guarantee can be made during a financial year.

The following interruptions of supply are excluded from these guarantees:

  • interruptions of one minute or less duration
  • interruptions due to generation or transmission problems (see the Code for full details)
  • planned outages
  • interruptions caused or requested by you
  • interruptions due to natural disasters (refer to the Code for full details)

GSL payments are automatically identified and calculated.

However, if you haven't received a payment that you believe you're eligible for, please contact us on 13 12 53.

You'll have three months from the date the event took place to lodge a manual claim (see 'How to claim' above).

Wrongful disconnection

If we wrongfully disconnect the electricity to your premises without your permission, or contrary to legislation or our contractual arrangements with you or your retailer.

Disconnection for non-payment at your premises must not be performed:

  • Before 8am and after 3pm on a business day.
  • On a Friday, on a weekend, on a Public Holiday or on the day before a Public Holiday.
  • Between 20 December and 31 December (inclusive) in any year.
  • When the premises is registered as having life support equipment.

You'll receive a $155 payment for the inconvenience.

How to appeal a declined GSL claim

Any GSL claim that doesn't meet the specified criteria as set out in the Code will be declined.

Should you wish to appeal this decision, please forward your request in writing to:

GSL Internal Review Panel
GPO Box 1461

On receipt of your letter of appeal, the GSL Internal Review Panel will respond to your request within 20 business days.

Terms and conditions

The GSLs outlined above should be interpreted in relation to the Code made under the Electricity Act 1994.

This information is a summary only. Any payments made under these GSLs are made by us for failure to meet the nominated standards. We reserve the right to amend these service levels in accordance with any variations to the requirements of the Code.

We're committed to providing you with the best possible standards of service.

For further information on GSLs, contact us on 13 12 53. For more information on the Code visit the Queensland Government website.

  1. GSLs apply to residential and small business customers only; that is, customers using less than 100 megawatt-hours per annum. You may refer to past electricity bills to check your electricity usage. If you are unsure, contact us on 13 12 53. Customers are able to claim $496 in total across all GSL types excluding wrongful disconnections, per electricity account in any one financial year. Payments for wrongful disconnections are not subject to a cap.