Guaranteed Service Levels

We're committed to making sure the safe and efficient delivery of electricity to your home or business meets an agreed set of industry standards.

It's our promise to eligible customers¹ that we'll meet the Guaranteed Service Levels (GSLs) set out in the Electricity Distribution Network Code (the Code) effective 1 July 2020.

Identification of GSLs for our small customers is generally automated, however small customers can also make a manual claim if they believe they're entitled to a GSL by completing our online claim form within three months of the event.

Our guaranteed service levels

We guarantee to meet the following Network service levels, or you'll receive a GSL payment by cheque. This payment will be made to the electricity account holder to acknowledge the inconvenience experienced.


If we make an appointment with you directly or via your retailer to come to your premises to:

  • Read, test, maintain or inspect a meter, or
  • inspect, alter or add to your electrical installation,

we'll nominate a time (no longer than a day) within which we'll turn up.  If we don't come and don't call you to reschedule the day before the appointment, we’ll pay you $62.


Once we've received all necessary paperwork and approvals from you or your retailer, electricity will be connected to your premises, where supply is available, by the agreed date.

If we need to construct new powerlines or infrastructure in order to connect your electricity, we'll work with you to set a date for the connection to be completed.

Should we not connect within the agreed time frame, we’ll pay you $62 for each day we're late.


If you need to reconnect your electricity supply and you've completed all necessary paperwork, reconnection will take place as follows (unless otherwise agreed with you):

  • Customers living in Brisbane CBD and urban areas:
    • We guarantee to reconnect within the same business day if you contact your retailer by midday, or the next business day if you contact your retailer after midday.
  • Customers living in Bay Islands and some rural areas:
    • We guarantee to reconnect within 10 business days.

Should we not reconnect within the agreed time frame, we’ll pay you $62 for each day we’re late.

Wrongful disconnection

If we wrongfully disconnect your electricity supply, we'll pay you $155.

Planned interruptions

If we need to interrupt your electricity supply to carry out maintenance on our network, we'll provide at least four business days' notice.

We'll advise you of the expected start and finish times of the planned outage by one of the following:

  • mail
  • letterbox drop, letter or flyer
  • newspaper or radio advertisements
  • email
  • phone
  • fax

If we don't meet this guarantee, we'll pay residential customers $31 and eligible business customers $77¹.

For urgent work requiring action without delay - where failure to do so could result in an emergency or create a risk to the community or our staff - we'll use our best endeavours to advise you of the power outage.


Interruption Duration

If you're connected to:

  • A CBD feeder and experience an interruption that lasts longer than 8 hours, or
  • An urban or short rural feeder and experience an interruption that lasts longer than 18 hours, or
  • A long rural or isolated feeder and experience an interruption that lasts longer than 24 hours,

we'll pay you $124.

Interruption Frequency

We understand how much you depend on electricity and try hard to minimise the number of interruptions that affect you.

In any financial year, if you're connected to

  • A CBD feeder and experience 10 or more eligible interruptions to your electricity supply
  • An urban feeder and experience 13 or more eligible interruptions to your electricity supply
  • A short rural, long rural or isolated feeder and experience 21 or more eligible interruptions to your electricity supply

we'll pay you $124.

Exempt interruptions

Interruptions exempt from reliability service guarantees include:

  • Planned interruptions
  • Interruptions of one minute or less in duration
  • Load shedding due to a shortfall in generation
  • A direction from the Australian Energy Market Operator
  • Automatic shedding of load following the occurrence of a power system under-frequency condition
  • Directions by police officers exercising powers in relation to public safety
  • Under-frequency load shedding
  • A failure in the shared transmission grid
  • Interruptions requested/initiated by small customers
  • Interruptions caused by a small customer's electrical installation or failure of that electrical installation
  • Eligible natural disasters.

Our service order timeframes

Preconditions for completions

Standard service orders can vary in their preconditions; for example, a special read only requires a service order to be submitted by your electricity retailer, whereas a new connection has additional steps including a connection agreement with us and an Electrical Work Request from your electrician.

Once the necessary preconditions for your service have been satisfied and all documentation is received, we will schedule the work to be completed. The following timeframes for completion apply for services in our distribution area:

Service order typeLocation of the premisesTime  required for completion
New connectionAll5 business days
ReconnectionAll excluding premises in 'other locations' (see below)If a valid service order request is received by 1.00pm on a business day, then on the same day. Otherwise the next business day.
ReconnectionOther locations²10 business days
DisconnectionAll excluding premises in 'other locations' (see below)5 business days
DisconnectionOther locations²10 business days
Special readAll4 business days
Additions & alterationsAll10 business days
Meter reconfigurationAll20 business days
Meter investigationAll15 business days
Supply abolishmentAll20 business days
Miscellaneous servicesAllDepends on the work requested and subject to commercial negotiation between us and your electricity retailer

Service order timeframe quarterly reports

Quarterly service order timeframe reports provide an overview of the volume of service orders completed on time in each quarter. The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) monitors our performance to ensure that service orders are completed on time, at least 95% of the time, in any given quarter.

Document name Published
Q1 - Service Order Timeframe Report Jul-Sep 2021 112.7 KB 29 Nov 2021
Q2 - Service Order Timeframe Report Oct-Dec 2021 107.2 KB 22 Feb 2022
Q3 - Service Order Timeframe Report Jan-Mar 2022 112.8 KB 20 May 2022

GSL scheme quarterly reports

We're required to report payments made to customers for failing to meet GSLs to the QCA. These reports are listed in the table below. For earlier periods please refer to the QCA’s website.

Document name Published
Q1 - GSL Scheme Report Jul-Sep 2021 82.6 KB 29 Nov 2021
Q2 - GSL Scheme Report Oct-Dec 2021 80.9 KB 22 Feb 2022
Q3 - GSL Scheme Report Jan-Mar 2022 103.6 KB 30 May 2022
  1. GSLs apply to small customers who are the named electricity account holder for a premises or the occupier of a premises. Customers are able to claim $496 in total across all GSL types excluding wrongful disconnections, per electricity account in any one financial year. Payments for wrongful disconnections are not subject to a cap.
  2. Other locations are defined in Schedule 1 of the Electricity Distribution Network Code.