South East Queensland's sub-tropical climate promotes extensive vegetation growth. While about a third of our network is underground cables, the remaining two-thirds is overhead network.

To ensure we maintain a safe and reliable electricity supply to you, there'll be times when we can't avoid accessing powerlines and sites to trim or remove vegetation. Our vegetation management budget is one of the largest components of our operational costs with tens of millions of dollars each year allocated to safety clearances around the electricity network.

Read our latest Vegetation Management Strategy (PDF 574.1 kb) for details on how we manage vegetation that may impact the operation or safety of our powerlines.

Building new infrastructure

We work with impacted landowners, local environment groups and various experts in the planning of routes and network sites with the aim of minimal disturbance to the surrounding environment as far as practicable.

In those instances when native vegetation is unavoidably removed, we're required to take action to plant trees or initiate other environmental projects in the area to offset the vegetation removed. We partner with various  local organisations in South East Queensland to deliver a robust environmental offset program.

Maintaining existing infrastructure

In the interest of public safety and minimising power outages, we regularly carry out tree trimming to industry standards in order maintain a safe clearance between trees and powerlines. Trimming trees near powerlines can be dangerous and should only be performed by qualified tree trimmers. Find out more on our tree trimming activities.

Planting Safetrees near powerlines

To help our customers plant suitable trees in the vicinity of powerlines, we've developed safetree recommendations. Remember to stay safe and Dial Before you Dig whenever planning any digging.

Plant powerline friendly trees

Weed management

We all enjoy the beautiful natural environment of South East Queensland, and Energex acknowledges the need to protect it from the spread of invasive weeds that can have significant economic, environmental and social impacts on Australia. To safeguard our natural environment, we work closely with government agencies and other parties to ensure we maintain proper weed hygiene training and appropriate practices while carrying out our work, particularly in sensitive areas.

Do you want more information on our vegetation management? Email our vegetation experts today.

Verge or footpath gardens

Homes in sections of our network are now permitted to plant gardens on the verges outside their homes.

If you're thinking of planting, please consider the following:

  • We require access to our electricity network to carry out visual inspections, maintenance and power restoration work.
  • It's recommended that homeowners don't plant within 600 mm of our network assets which includes poles, pillars, pit lids and transformers.
  • If we're required to undertake works where a verge or footpath garden exists, we'll endeavour to provide prior notice and will reinstate topsoil/turf only. Reinstatement of any garden will be at owner/householder’s expense.
  • We don't assume any responsibility for damage to gardens during the course of our work. Any required rectification works to the verge garden will be at the homeowner’s expense.
  • Spray from irrigation systems shouldn't fall on any of our electrical assets.
  • No matter the size of your underground project, you should always Dial Before You Dig.

Our safetree planting guide provides information about vegetation near our electricity network.