Safetree program

Trees and palms that interfere with powerlines are a safety risk and can interrupt your electricity supply.

You can help avoid the future need for trimming or removal of plants near powerlines by planting away from powerlines, or by planting powerline friendly approved plants.

Powerline friendly approved plants are those that won't grow to within two metres of the main powerlines that run along the street. When it comes to the service lines that connect to your home, the heights vary, so your planting should vary accordingly. Some Safetree species grow to four metres in height. Be aware of the powerlines around your home when you position your plants and make sure you check the height they'll grow to in maturity.

View the Safetree plant list

View the safetree plant list

Trees and powerlines should never meet

When you’re planting trees and palms, it’s important to select the right plant for the right place. Plants that grow into or near powerlines are more than inconvenient – they can pose a serious safety risk to you and your family and interrupt electricity supply. However, there are many species of plants which can be grown safely under or near powerlines in the South East Queensland region.

For safety reasons and to help ensure reliability of electricity supply, it's important to consult the Safetree planting guide before planting under or near powerlines on your property. It is also important to contact your local council before planting on council property.

Planting guidelines

Things to be aware of when planting trees around powerlines:

  • When mature, trees should not grow to within two metres of powerlines - that is, the powerline from the street to your home and the powerlines that run along your street or in easements.
  • Before planting on our easements always contact us on 13 12 53 to check if there are any special planting requirements.
  • If you want to plant taller plants, apply the 45-degree rule: plant at a distance from the powerline at least equal to the expected mature height of the plant.
  • Before planting make sure you find out where your underground services are on your property. If you have permission to landscape on Council property, make sure you Dial Before You Dig on 1100 to avoid contact with underground services.

If you are concerned about trees on your property or in your street call our Contact Centre on 13 12 53.

Download our fact sheet

For more information about our tree trimming program, download our Safetree fact sheet (PDF 476.2 kb).