The National Energy Customer Framework (NECF) was effective in Queensland on 1 July 2015. The NECF changes the way electrical contractors interact with their customers and with us.

Frequently asked questions

What are the types of work that require a connection agreement?

A connection agreement needs to be completed and accepted for any new connection or change to the physical connection of a premise. The Electrical Partners Portal will prompt you to enter a connection agreement if one is required.

What is in the Connection Agreement?

View a copy of the Model Standing Offer - Basic Connection agreement. (PDF 351.3 kb)

Do I need a connection agreement for Emergency work?

No. A connection agreement is not required for any Emergency or Storm related work.

Do I need to tell the customer about the Agreement?

Yes. It is important to make the customer aware that there's a connection agreement in place. You can refer customers to our website to view the basic offer. Alternately, the connection agreement can be printed when you enter it from the Electrical Partners Portal.

Customers currently connect to the network under the 'Deemed Standing Connection Contract', which is an agreement between the electricity distributor (Energex) and the customer, regarding the connection and delivery of electricity. A Deemed Standard Contract covers ongoing energy supply 'work to be completed', not 'work to be complete'.

When I create an agreement for a customer am I accepting liability and costs?

The connection agreement is an agreement between the customer and us. Basic and standard connection agreement charges will appear on the customers Electricity bill from their retailer. Negotiated charges will be quoted and payable prior to any planning or evaluation.

Do you still need a B2B? Does a customer need to call their retailer?

Customers can elect to call their retailer, however when a EWR is submitted the portal automatically notifies the chosen retailer to submit a B2B (Retailer Request). In most cases, the retailer will phone or text the customer to confirm the details.

What does expedited mean?

Expedite is an option available in the Connection Application to speed up the connection process. If the customer or applicant select expedite, it means they have accepted the Model Standing offer as documented on our website.

Does it cost more to expedite?

No. There are no additional charges to expedite a connection offer.

Once an offer is made and I accept it, how long does it last for?

Connection Agreements are valid for 1 year from the day the agreement was accepted.

What do I do if its over 100 Amps?

A connection agreement needs to be submitted for all connection work. Connections over 100 Amps fall into the 'Negotiated Connection' category. Enter these as per the normal process and we will contact you regarding your request.