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AlertsTitleDate of Issue
Issue 16Asbestos Containing Material Reminder,  Portal How-To Video, The Next Thing You Touch Safety Campaign,  Electrical Safety Week Webinar25 August
Issue 15The Full Introduction of AS/NZS 4777.2.2020 is Fast Approaching!3 August
Issue 14Our Response: COVID-19: Lockdown Extension for South East Queensland2 August
Issue 13Our Response: COVID-19: Lockdown for South East Queensland1 August
Issue 1244c Eligibility, Customer Details for Under 30kVA Negotiated Solar Applications, Helping Us Plan for the Future, Portal Tips and Tricks29 July
Issue 11Approved GPR Update, Network Tariff Changes, Embedded Generation Sharing30 June
Issue 10Our Response: COVID19  - Lockdown for Multiple Queensland Locations29 June
Issue 9<30kVA Low Voltage Negotiated Solar Application Fee14 June
Issue 8<30kVA LV Negotiated Solar Application Fee Implementation, Maintaining Customer's 44c Solar Bonus Scheme, Portal Tips and Tricks31 May
Issue 7Chance to win $100, EWR submissions, Negotiated Solar Application fee29 April
Issue 6Keeping you in the loop28 April
Issue 5 (PDF 480.1 kb)Our Response: COVID-19 - Lockdown Greater Brisbane Area29 March
Issue 4
(PDF 546.1 kb)
Look Up and Live, Applying for BESS, Our Grid Protection Relay List has been updated, Linking EWRs correctly26 March
Issue 3 (PDF 579.4 kb)Portal optimisation, Valid connection agreements, Enhancements to the solar application process, Inverter replacements, Interfering with Energex assets.26 February
Issue 2 (PDF 528.8 kb)Change to our operating hours, New network control load tariffs, Meter board requirements for IES connections29 January 
Issue 1 (PDF 508.2 kb)Our Response: COVID 19 - Three Day Lockdown Greater Brisbane Area8 January


AlertsTitleDate of Issue
Issue 11
(PDF 651.8 kb)
Improvements to our appliance lists within the portal, Happy Holidays22 December
Issue 10
(PDF 748.5 kb)
Grid Protection Relay Installation, Grid Protection Relay Compliance Date Reminder, Wireless Transfer Communication Delay, Basic Connection Offers, Solar Diverters between Tariffs are not permitted, Reminder <30kV Capacity and Export Limits, Have you ever included the wrong Retailer details on an EWR?, How to Pay Your Quoted Site-Specific Enquiry Response Fee.13 November
Issue 9
(PDF 485.1 kb)
LV Generation Fee Structure Changes10 September
Issue 8
(PDF 575.3 kb)
New Embedded Generation Enquiry Fee, QECM Update, QEMM UPdate, Asbestos Containing Materials, Non Domestic Load Control Tariffs, Major Customer Manual10 August
Issue 7
(PDF 533.1 kb)
New network tariffs, Changes to our connection policy, Our connection standards have been updated, RPEQ requirements.20 June
Issue 6
(PDF 635.3 kb)
Changes to our connection policy, Portal enhancements12 June
Issue 5 (PDF 507.0 kb)Compliance of Battery Systems, Grid Protection Relay compliance requirements extended, New Reactive Power Control settings mandatory28 April
Issue 4
(PDF 495.0 kb)
COVID-19 Update15 April
Issue 3
(PDF 485.9 kb)
COVID-1930 March
Issue 2
(PDF 133.9 kb)
Customer Self Service Portal Enhancements, The Distributed Energy Resources Register, Electrical Partners Portal Improvements26 February
Issue 1
(PDF 524.4 kb)
New Embedded Generation Standards Go-Live, Interim Portal Arrangements for Inverter Energy Systems, Grid Protection Relay Certification Requirements7 February


AlertTitleDate of issue
Issue 9Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment, Authorised Person Improvements18 December
Issue 7AC Isolator Policy Update, New Micro EG Standard and Phase Balance Protection Requirements14 November
Issue 6ENA Guideline Alignment, Power Quality Response Mode Change, Grid Protection Relay Requirements Update15 October
Issue 5Safe Work Month, Distributed Energy Resource Register and Electrical Contractor Hotline25 September 
Issue 4Ensure you apply for every connected inverter4 April 
Issue 3Protection Device Compliance Update12 March 
Issue 2EWR Status Improvements, Battery Applications, Shanghai Surpass Sun Electric Inverters Delisted, Safe Entry Policy Reminder28 January 
Issue 1Safe Entry Policy10 January


AlertTitleDate of Issue
Issue 5Update on 44c FiT Rule Changes, Array Upgrades, Panel Replacements, Battery Energy Storage Systems, Additional Generating Systems, Installation Compliance6 November
Issue 4Power Quality Testing Requirements for LV Connections, Protection Device Compliance, 44c FiT Rule Changes10 October
Issue 3New LV and HV Connection Standards, New Connection and Metering Manuals, Multiple Meters on Single NMIs at Commercial Sites21 September
Issue 2Proposed changes to Solar Connection Standards, New Joint HV Standard, Protection Device Compliance, Inverter Anti-Islanding Compliance, Upcoming QECMM Changes, $50 Cashback now available, Transition to 230V Standard30 July 
Issue 1Update on 44c FiT Rule Changes, Array Upgrades, Panel Replacements, Battery Energy Storage Systems, Additional Generating Systems19 February


AlertTitleDate of Issue
Issue 14Power of Choice Frequently Asked Questions, Electrical Partners Portal Outage Reminder, Power of Choice & Energy Academy Feedback Survey, Common Newtork Charges List Updated, Embedded Generation - Connections & Metering28 November
Issue 13Preparing for Power of Choice17 November
Issue 12Energex Energy Academy Invitation31 October
Issue 11Power of Choice Information Pack 126 October
Issue 10Energex Energy Academy Invitation17 October
Issue 9Explaining the Pending 44c FiT Legislation Changes, Electrical Partners Portal Update & Battery Notification to Energex14 September
Issue 8Special Issue: >30 kW to 1,500 kW LV Connection Standard12 September
Issue 7Connection Standard for Micro-Embedded Generation Units (0-≤30kVA), Applications for all Batteries Must be Lodged, Value in 3-Phase Inverters, Inverter Ramp Down Settings, Circuit Cable Sizes & Lengths26 May
Issue 6Energex Customer Service Work Crew Availability3 April
Issue 5Courtesy Update: Energex Emergency Response to ex-Tropical Cyclone Debbie 30 March
Issue 4Courtesy Update: Energex Assisting Ergon Energy28 March
Issue 3Energex Energy Academy Invitation10 March
Issue 2Energex Energy Academy Invitation17 February
Issue 1Electrical Partners Portal Changes Taking Effect Sunday 22 January20 January


AlertTitleDate of Issue
Issue 11Electrical Partners Portal Changes Postponed9 December
Issue 10Electrical Partners Portal Changes, Queensland Electricity Connection & Metering Manual Updated Version2 December
Issue 9Electrical Partener Portal Changes, Feedback on Energex's Connection Standards for Large Embedded Generating Systems25 November
Issue 8Power of Choice Update, Battery Installation, MyPower App11 November
Issue 7Deadline for Inverter Certification7 October
Issue 6Common Customer Report (Form 3) Faults, Common Network Charges, Energex Website, Meter Isolation Links27 July
Issue 5Energex Energy Academy Invitation14 June
Issue 4Off Peak / Load Control Tariff Changes Update22 April
Issue 3 (Update)Off Peak / Load Control Tariff Changes Update22 April
Issue 3Common Network Charges, Off Peak Tariff Changes21 April
Issue 2Embedded Generation Connection Application Charges4 March
Issue 1Joint Connection Standard for MEG (0-30kVa) & Solar PV Installations9 February


AlertTitleDate of Issue
Issue 6NECF Changes to Embedded Generation Connections & Portal Outages12 November
Issue 5Solar PV Installer Phone Line - IVR Menu Changes6 October
Issue 4Reactive Power Control Requirements & Increase in Approval Limits - 3 Phase IES28 September
Issue 3Reactive Power Requirements, Proposed Changes to Approval Limits, Your Feedback on Connection Standard >30kVA & Technical Updates27 August
Issue 2Changes to Metering Charges & Multi-Phase Upgrade Charges14 July
Issue 1New IES Standard - Delayed Implementation Date for Mandatory Reactive Power Control12 February