EsiTrain site safety

Visitor safety information

  • Site access on business days is 7am - 4.30pm.
  • Site access outside of business hours and non-business days is via arrangement.
  • Access to the site is by swipe card or intercom.
  • When requesting access provide your "company name" and the "course" you are attending.
  • Identification badges or visitor tags must be worn at all times.
  • All pedestrians enter and exit the site from Marshall Road using the pedestrian access gate at the front entrance.
  • While walking about the complex, stay within designated walkways and crossings.
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment must be worn at all times, refer to course notification for details.
  • When entering the complex in a vehicle, parking is available at the front of the complex.
  • A strict 15kph limit is enforced within the complex.
  • Report all near-misses, injuries or other significant incidents no matter how small.
  • No smoking in offices, recreation room, any buildings, verandas or within 4m of a doorway.


  • All portable electrical equipment must have a compliance tag attached and tools of the trade must be fit for purpose.
  • Vehicles can drop off and pick up equipment after receiving permission.
  • Contractors are responsible for conducting a site specific risk assessment and ensuring that signs, barricades and screens are placed around their work area.
  • Electrical and plumbing work to be performed by licensed contractors only.

Site contact

Technical Training Manager: 0419 799 956

Business Manager: 0467 710 036

Technical Training Course Scheduler:  (07) 3000 1248 or 0429 552 609