Underground Cable Jointing training

Underground Cable Jointers protect the integrity of power supplies by making and repairing joints in power cables installed in underground pipes and trenches. Underground Cable Jointers also prepare cable terminations for electrical equipment and overhead lines throughout the electricity supply industry. Cable Jointers work in pits and tunnels, their work includes locating and repairing cable faults, pulling and feeding cables through underground pipes and making and repairing joints in cables.

A Cable Jointer typically performs the following tasks:

  • Installing and maintaining underground cables
  • Terminating and jointing low voltage and high voltage polymeric or paper Insulated cables
  • Energised low voltage cable jointing

EsiTrain's underground training up-skills electrically qualified trades people, such as systems electricians, to gain the skills required to install and maintain low voltage and high voltage underground polymeric cable systems. Further training can be provided to transition Cable Jointers to work with paper insulated cables.

As a registered training organisation, EsiTrain delivers accredited training for cable jointing that leads to a nationally recognised qualification being issued. An important part of the accredited training is the need to meet the on-job practical requirements of the qualification. This means that we are unable to offer training to individuals or groups who do not have an employer that can provide the necessary on-job practical experience.

EsiTrain's underground training facilities

  • Paper lead and polymeric cable jointing facilities
  • Fully integrated pillars, link pits and transformers
  • Above ground training area with pillars and overhead cable connection (de-energised)
  • Facilities to run cabling into switchgear (simulated live environment)
  • All training can be de-energised, simulated live or energised
  • Covered facility to avoid inclement weather conditions


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