Licensing agreements

To allow Energex Network Contractors access to Energex's technical training, in a timely manner, contractors with suitable training facilities and materials can license the use of a range of EsiTrain course materials.

In order to deliver and assess these courses, Energex Work Practices Department issues authorisations to providers based on successful completion of assessments conducted by these organisations. These courses are only to be delivered to Energex Network Contractors. All licencees will be subject to an annual audit to ensure training delivery quality is maintained.

Authorisations can be renewed by attending the associated training course and completing the required assessment. The Energex's Work Practices Department issues authorisations based on successful completion of the assessments and any other requirements such as work experience.

Licencees are required to submit their results to EsiTrain, to be uploaded to the Energex Competency Management System.

If you are interested in becoming a licencee, complete the Contractor management enquiry form or contact EsiTrain.