Working with Energex

Whether it is a network upgrade, severe weather event or everyday work, we pride ourselves on delivering on our customer promise. Without the constant support of our contractors and suppliers this wouldn't be possible.

By providing us with the tools, services and products each business and company contributes to providing a safe and reliable electricity supply to thousands of Queenslanders.

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Contestable work

Information and documentation for designing and constructing subdivisions or public lighting in our distribution network.

Facilities access - third party installations form

Enquire about our Accredited Service Provider Rating for Third Party shared asset installation work.


The Prequalification Scheme gives service providers potential access to tender opportunities with Energex. Find out how to apply here.

Your safety. Our network.

No matter what the job, keep safe when working around electricity.

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If you are a supplier or contractor interested in tendering for Energex, you can register your details for future opportunities.

Plant & equipment hire

Information relating to contractors engaged to provide plant and equipment hire.

Purchasing terms & conditions

Read the Purchasing and Delivery Terms and Conditions if you supply Energex with goods and/or services.