Energex's Prequalification Scheme (PQS) allows us to efficiently and effectively engage contractors to carry out work in specific work categories without the need for a standard tender process for each engagement. The benefits for both the supplier and us include simplified terms and conditions, no lock in contracts, flexibility of accepting / rejecting work and streamlined competitive tendering processes.

The work categories available under the scheme cover:

  • Construction Services (1010)
  • Distribution Network Services (1020)
  • Engineering Services (4001)
  • Major Projects Design & Construction Services (1030)
  • Plant & Equipment Hire (2000)
  • Professional Services (4000)

Overview of the scheme

To determine suitability for the scheme, suppliers are assessed on the following criteria:

  • Capability and availability of resources
  • Financial capacity and stability
  • Key personnel and qualifications
  • Management, safety and quality systems
  • Previous experience

Once approved, a prequalification status is valid for five years (this can be reviewed at any time). After which a supplier is invited to renew their prequalification status. Prequalification is not a guarantee that we will procure any goods, services or works from a supplier.

How to apply

Step 1: Read the terms and conditions

We recommend suppliers are familiar with the Prequalification Scheme Terms. This document highlights key aspects of the overarching scheme. Suppliers can apply for several work categories within the scheme, each work category also have supplementary terms and conditions:

Step 2: Apply

Contract tenders can be offered through two ways, direct vendor panels or the Queensland Government QTenders website.

  • Energex Vendor panels – When completing an application form, more than one work category can be selected. Fees may apply upon application and approval will take approximately 4-8 weeks. Once approved, vendor panels are invitation only.
  • QLD Qtender – visit the website, click on the Suppliers link under the Register section in the left hand menu. Subscribe to receive alerts.


Any questions or concerns about the Energex Vendor panel application, email us at

Questions relating to the QLD QTender application can be directed to QTenders, Monday to Friday, 8am–5pm on phone (07) 3215 3699.