At Energex, we regularly put out requests for tender across areas such as IT, buildings, civil and materials.

All new Energex Tenders and Expressions of Interest are advertised on the Queensland Government website. All suppliers will need to register to use this website by following the link to the Supplier Registration section. There is no download fee associated with this site.

Forward procurement schedule

Below is a list of our rolling 12 month forward procurement schedule.

To register for notification of new tenders, refer to the QTenders website.

JulyProject Power Cables and URD Cable
AugustProvision of Distribution Transformers
AugustCustomer Load Control Equipment
SeptemberProvision of Vegetation Management
DecemberDistribution Works

Note: This list does not necessarily indicate that an open tender will be called.


The Energex forward procurement schedule (Schedule) sets out possible procurement activities, based on the current information available to Energex. However, it is indicative only and it may change. It is not binding on Energex and Energex makes no representations regarding the accuracy or completeness of the Schedule. All terms, conditions, representations, warranties and statements (whether express, implied, written, oral, collateral,statutory or otherwise) are excluded, to the maximum extent permitted by law. Energex disclaims all liability, claims, losses, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, in negligence) in relation to the Schedule, to the maximum extent permitted by law.