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The following updates provide current information relating to the Electrical Partners Portal in addition to useful tips and technical information. These updates are emailed directly to all electrical contractors registered on the EP Portal.


Update Title Date of Issue
Issue 5Common Customer Report (Form 3) Faults, Common Network Charges, Energex Website, Meter Isolation Links, Upgrading Underground Supplies27 July
Issue 4 Energex Energy Academy Invite09 June
Issue 3Off Peak / Load Control Tariff Changes Update22 April
Issue 2 (Update)Off Peak / Load Control Tariff Changes Update22 April
Issue 2Common Customer Report (Form 3) Faults, Common Network Charges, Off Peak Tariff Changes, Meter Isolation Links, Portal User Guides21 April
Issue 1Form 3 Changes, Solar PV Installations, Customer Installation Earthing, Pool & Hot Water Rewards Extended5 February


Update Title Date of Issue
Issue 13 QECMM Version 10 & NMI Creation Requests - Multi Tenancy and Units 1 December
Issue 12 Changes to Negotiated Connections, Unmetered Supply and PV, & Connect Requests 12 November
Issue 11 Electrical Contractor Phone Line - IVR Menu Changes 6 October
Issue 10 QECMM Version 10, NMI Creation Multi-Tenancy Dwellings & Technical Updates 1 September
Issue 9 Technical Update, NMI Creation Multi-Tenancy Dwellings & ACS Metering Charges 29 July
Issue 8 Energex Tariff Schedule & Regulated Electricity Tariffs 7 July
Issue 7 Changes to Metering Charges and NECF Update 30 June
Issue 6 NECF Workshop Questions, NECF Changes & ACS Connection Services Fees and Charges 19 June
Issue 5 Controlled Load Metering Clarification, Upcoming Changes to Work Requests and Changes to Positive Payback 2 June
Issue 4 Changes to Work Requests and the Electrical Partners Portal 14 May
Issue 3 NECF-Ready Workshops, Alternative Control Services and Electrical Contractor Line 29 April
Issue 2 NECF Workshops 24 March
Issue 1 NECF Workshops, Technical Update and Economy Tariff Rewards 18 February

Archived updates

Previously updated information for EWRs.

Temporary to permanent connection process

Energex has been working with electricity retailers to simplify the temporary to permanent connection process.

When we receive a request for a new connection, and a temporary connection exists on site, the temporary service will be swung to the permanent position.

This service transfer will occur on the same NMI (i.e., account or premises) and no supply abolishment request will be required for removal of the temporary builder's pole.

A supply abolishment is only required when the temporary and permanent connections are required to run concurrently for a short period (i.e., two points of supply).

The supply abolishment request is required to initiate a separate visit from Energex to remove the temporary connection once it is no longer needed.

If the temporary and permanent connections need to exist concurrently, we will require this advice from the electrical contractor via the Electrical Work Request (Form 2) and/or from the retailer via their permanent connection request.

Without initial advice, the permanent connection request will be processed as a temporary to permanent connection (i.e., swing service).

Template for use by electrical contractors to record data required for EWR submission

In early December 2009, we successfully transferred just under 3,600 electrical contractors from the Online Form 2 submission facility, to the new Web Portal.

The Online Form 2 submission facility has now been removed from the Energex website, and electrical contractors wishing to submit their EWRs (Form 2) online, must now do so via the Web Portal.

An option to download a PDF version of the Electrical Work Request (Form 2) used to exist through the Online Form 2 submission facility; however, this option is not available on the EWR Web Portal.

For those electrical contractors wishing to utilise a paper form to fill out prior to submitting their EWR via the Web Portal, you may download and print the new Paper Document called Template for use by electrical contractors to record data required for EWR submission.

It is important to note that this is not an Electrical Work Request (Form 2) and as such, can not be submitted to ENERGEX.

Release of the new Energex Electrical Work Request (Form 2) Web Portal

Energex has released its new Electrical Work Request (Form 2) Web Portal, replacing the former Online Form 2 submission facility, as part of our commitment to continually improve its processes.

The new Web Portal offers electrical contractors new functionality and benefits such as:

  • The provision of a unique reference number to the electrical contractor at the time of submission of the EWR (Form 2), which can be used to track the progress of the request.
  • The ability for the EWR Reference Number to be used by other authorised parties, such as electricity retailers, customers and builders to view the status only of the job, via the Energex Website. Whilst the status can be viewed, no customer or address details will be available.
  • Providing regular updates on the progress of requests.
  • The ability to establish an account without having to contact Energex to create it.
  • Allowing both multiple and suitably authorised users access to the one account, eliminating the old practice of one password for an entire company. This provides a more secure and efficient tool in tracking individual's jobs.
  • The ability to save an incomplete EWR which can then be completed at a later time or date without losing any data.
    The ability to view the history of previously submitted EWRs.
  • Tools to assist in the submission of an EWR and the navigation of the Web Portal such as 'Help' and 'Mouse Over' text.

To assist in ensuring the timely scheduling of work, the Web Portal will automatically forward a copy of the electrical contractors EWR to the customers' nominated retailer, at the time of submission, and will include the EWR Reference Number.

This will allow the electricity retailer to include the EWR Reference Number when providing the Retailer Service Order (also known as a B2B) to Energex; assisting with the reduction of time required to match up customer and address details.

It is for this purpose that the customers' nominated retailer is one of the 'required' fields on both the paper-based EWR and the Web Portal.

It is important to note that the functions of the EWR Web Portal are only available to those electrical contractors who have established an account and submit their EWRs via the Web Portal.

If you wish to use the new Web Portal and gain the benefits it offers, please select the 'CREATE AN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR ACCOUNT' from the Web Portal homepage and supply your details to establish your own user account.

Completing 'required' fields on paper-based EWR (Form 2) submissions

As part of Energex's commitment to continually improve our processes, enhancements to the online submission facility for Electrical Work Requests (Form 2) have been underway and the new Electrical Work Request (Form 2) Web Portal is due for release in December 2009.

We recently mailed out a communication to all electrical contractors operating in the Energex distribution area outlining the coming changes and highlighting that all 'required' fields on the EWR (Form 2) submissions will need to be completed.

From 23 November 2009, we will only accept those paper-based submissions received with all the 'required' fields completed.

Any paper-based EWRs (Form 2) received after this date without all the 'required' fields completed will be rejected and returned to the electrical contractor via fax to re-submit with the necessary 'required' details completed.

EWR (Form 2) submissions received via the current Online Form 2 facility without all the 'required' fields completed will continue to be processed by ENERGEX until all online users can be transferred over to the new EWR (Form 2) Web Portal by 22 December 2009.

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