Installer alert

Solar installer alert heading with solar panels

The following alerts provide solar PV installers with the latest information and changes about the installation process.


Alert Title Date of Issue
Issue 6NECF Changes to Embedded Generation Connections & Portal Outages12 November
Issue 5Solar PV Installer Phone Line - IVR Menu Changes6 October
Issue 4 Reactive Power Control Requirements & Increase in Approval Limits - 3 Phase IES28 September
Issue 3 Reactive Power Requirements, Proposed Changes to Approval Limits, Your Feedback on Connection Standard >30kVA & Technical Updates 27 August
Issue 2 Changes to Metering Charges & Multi-Phase Upgrade Charges 14 July
Issue 1 New IES Standard - Delayed Implementation Date for Mandatory Reactive Power Control 12 February


AlertTitleDate of Issue
Volume 6 Issue 4Changes to Energex Connection Standards16 December
Volume 6 Issue 3Standard for Inverter Energy Systems 0-30kVA - follow-up16 June
Volume 6 Issue 2Solar PV Network Tariff Codes and Protection Relays23 May
Volume 6 Issue 1Proposed changes to solar connections17 April


AlertTitleDate of Issue
Volume 5 Issue 8Solar Bonus Scheme 44 cent deadline update28 June
Volume 5 Issue 7Solar Bonus Scheme deadline reminder26 June
Volume 5 Issue 6Electrical Partners Portal unavailable Saturday 29 June 201324 June
Volume 5 Issue 5Submission of Electrical Work Request (EWR)12 June
Volume 5 Issue 4Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for the Solar Bonus Scheme installation deadline6 June
Volume 5 Issue 3Solar Bonus Scheme deadlineMay23 May
Volume 5 Issue 3Solar Bonus Scheme 30 June 2013 deadline checklist
Volume 5 Issue 2Solar Bonus Scheme deadline17 April
Volume 5 Issue 1Outstanding approvals for 44 cent Solar Bonus Scheme and 30 June 2013 deadline for installation14 February


AlertTitleDate of Issue
Volume 4 Issue 19Electrical Partners Portal improvements live from 18 September 201218 September
Volume 4 Issue 18Energex update Solar PV metering & application-agreement figures17 September
Volume 4 Issue 17Update regarding Solar PV application process #229 August
Volume 4 Issue 16Update on the solar PV application process13 August
Volume 4 Issue 15Important changes to the way you submit your Solar PV Applications01 August
Volume 4 Issue 14Update on solar PV application processing24 July
Volume 4 Issue 13Thank you & what's next10 July
Volume 4 Issue 12Important information regarding deadlines6 July
Volume 4 Issue 11Important Information about the QLD Government Solar Bonus Scheme4 July
Volume 4 Issue 10Energex Update: NECF and Energex Solar PV Installer Phone Line28 June
Volume 4 Issue 9Queensland Government Solar Bonus Scheme Changes26 June
Volume 4 Issue 6Allocation of additional connection points (NMI) to a premises with an existing network connection11 May

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