Conveyance and Solicitor Property Searches

You are required to complete the Request for Conveyance and Solicitor Searches form if you are:

  • purchasing a new property, and/or,
  • enquiring about power connectivity to an exisiting premise.

Download the Request for Conveyance and Solicitor Property Searches  (PDF 669.2 kb) form.

Alternatively, if you are:

  • purchasing or constructing near Energex assets e.g. Transmission lines, Substation, power poles and underground cables etc, and/or,
  • requiring information on existing easements and future strategic plans, e.g. proposed high voltage and live corridors, please complete the Propertry Enquiry Form.

You require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print documents.

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Important numbers


  • Emergencies   
13 19 62
  • Loss of supply    
13 62 62
  • General enquiries  
13 12 53


  • Police, Fire,      
  • State Emergency  
132 500

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