How to apply for Prequalification

Energex's Prequalification Scheme (PQS) enables us to efficiently and effectively engage contractors to carry out work in specific work categories without the need for a standard tender process for each engagement.

Once prequalified, you may be invited to tender for Energex contracts in the applicable Prequalification categories.


To gain an overview of the Prequalification Scheme prior to advancing to the application stage, please refer to our frequently asked questions and review the documents below.


To determine suitability, PQS applications will be assessed on:

  • capabilities
  • experience
  • personnel
  • financial capacity
  • management systems

Getting Started

  1. Visit the Queensland Government eTendering website to register with the Queensland Government Chief Procurement Office (QGCPO).
  2. When there are categories open for application, you will be able to download the Energex Prequalification Application Form from QGCPO
  3. Pay the prequalification application fee of $300 excluding GST.

    If your business does not allow you to submit an electronic application, please feel free to contact the PQS Registrar at

    This may take a little longer to assess and complete due to the extra resourcing required to process applications.

    An additional $100 excluding GST will be charged for processing paper-based applications.

DMAX Lite Support

To facilitate the application process, we are using DMAX Lite software and their TenderMax Tender Response System.

To respond via this system, a license key can be obtained from DecisionMAX to activate the software.

Full instructions are provided and a help line is available.

For assistance, call (02) 9949 7603 or e-mail

Application process

Important: Before completing the forms, please ensure that you have access to, and have read all of the documentation contained on the ENERGEX website, including the Prequalification Terms. Applicants must ensure they meet all the mandatory PQS requirements listed within Annexure B of the Prequalification Terms for the categories they are applying for.

Once you have registered with QGCPO:

  1. Log onto the Queensland Government eTendering website and click on this link to access the ENERGEX Prequalification Application Form.
  2. Download the application form.
  3. Open the form in DMAX Lite Software.
  4. Complete your application by typing, copying, pasting or attaching your responses directly into the form.

    If you have any questions, please navigate to the 'Ask A Question' area - within the QGCPO eTendering site - to contact the ENERGEX PQS Registrar.

    Where the application form directs you (or requires confirmation of your agreement) to other documents (including the Standard Terms and Conditions), ensure that you read and understand those documents before proceeding.

    Make sure you enter the correct DMAX Lite Key as this is the unique identifier that we will use during the evaluation process (refer FAQs).

  5. Check the application form for completeness.

    Please ensure you have completed all relevant sections requiring a response.

    Responses are required in various formats, including radio buttons, attachments, comment boxes and standard information sections.

    Failure to do this could delay decisions on prequalification.

  6. Export the application form.
  7. Upload the completed application form to the QGCPO website and retain the receipt number provided by QGCPO.


Prior to uploading to QGCPO website, ensure all details are checked and any documentation required is attached to the application form.

A fully completed and comprehensive response will aid Energex to complete evaluation in a timely manner.

If your application is incomplete it may be rejected until all information is provided.

Notification of Results

On receipt of your application form, Energex will review, evaluate and determine an outcome.

Whilst we anticipate that results will be available within four to eight weeks after the closing date listed on the QGCPO website, this timeframe may vary depending on the volume of applications received for each open category.

You require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print documents.

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