Connection to economy tariffs for builders and developers

If you're a builder or developer you have the option to connect the pool pump and hot water systems in your new build to an economy tariff. Add value to  your build projects, get the best possible power deals for your customers, and get cash rewards!

By connecting these appliances to an economy tariff, your customer can save money year after year without affecting the cleanliness of their pool or the temperature of their hot water.

Economy tariff 31 provides electricity for a minimum 8 hours a day. Economy tariff 33 provides electricity for a minimum 18 hours a day. Both tariffs offer a discounted rate and work efficiently with peak demand periods.

We are offering cash rewards of up to $200 per successful connection to an economy tariff.

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How to arrange a connection

Claim your reward

To claim your reward for a connection to an economy tariff you will need the following:

  • Your bank account details (BSB and account number). We pay all rewards by EFT.
  • A copy of your plumber's receipt (if applicable).

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Terms and Conditions

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