Power Factor Correction

Installing Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment will reduce the amount of power your business draws from the network at your peak time.

What is power factor?

Power factor is a way of measuring efficient power usage. It is expressed as a numerical value between 0 and 1. The closer your power factor is to 1, the more efficiently the business is consuming electricity. Installing Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment helps improve this efficiency.

One way to understand power factor is to think of it as a cappucino.

Power factor correction explained using a cappuccino diagram. Froth is the reactive power kVAr, coffee is the Real power kW and the whole cappuccino is the Apparent power.

Power factor is the relationship between 'real power' and 'apparent power'. Apparent power is your total usage, made up of real power (which is the part that does the work) and reactive power (which is required by AC systems to operate). Reactive power contributes to your electricity bill but is not actually used.

In other words, a good cappucino includes coffee and froth, but it's the coffee that does the important work. To get the best value out of your morning cuppa, you want more of the coffee and less of the froth.

Power Factor Correction (PFC) equipment

Power factor can be improved by installing PFC equipment called capacitor banks. Capacitor banks work to correct energy supply inefficiencies, while also reducing peak demand on the electricity network.

A power factor between 0.95 and 1 is most cost effective. A poor power factor (below 0.8) can negatively impact electricity bills. PFC equipment is readily available and may be a cheaper solution than upgrading electrical equipment.

Power Factor Correction suppliers

Below is a list of PFC equipment suppliers and/or installers who have advised us they are able to assist you to optimise your energy needs. Please note, Energex does not endorse these suppliers and installers.

If you would like to add your business to our supplier register, please contact us at demandmanagement@energex.com.au.

PFC supplier list

CompanyContact by phoneContact by email
AGL Energy Limited

0475 961 149 or 07 3023 2435


Atom Power

1300 922 883


0438 735 356 or 1300 280 010

Cole Contracting

0420 308 692

Control Logic

1800 557 705

Culpans Electrical Contractors

0414 497 835 or 07 5535 3311

Darcy Electrical

07 5527 3400

Downer Group

07 3249 0555


Electrical Connexions

0417 516 298 or 07 3189 1754


Energy Correction Options

0417 342 924 or 07 3268 0422


Edge Electrons Limited0423 733 999 christian.levett@edgeelectrons.com
Energy Systems & Services Holdings Pty Ltd

0411 223 730 or 1300 001 377


EPC Technologies

0499 804 196


ERM Power

07 3020 5115 or 0427 740 169



0413 805 190 or 07 3340 7300

Globalspec Pty Ltd

0402 084 563 or 07 5547 5569

High Technology Control Pty Ltd0478 769 211dave@hightech.com.au

07 3909 4999


NuGreen Solutions

0407 934 166 or 1300 300 025

Price Hilton Environmental

0419 413 434

Quality Energy 1800 736 374 or 0423 111 152luke@qualityenergy.com.au
RENPRO Solutions07 3200 1033 or 0433 362 602


Schneider- Electric

0418 646 181

Statcom Solutions

07 3852 6886


Sure Power

07 3249 3188


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