Hot water rewards

Claim $200 and save on your hot water costs by connecting your hot water system to an economy tariff.

By connecting your new and existing hot water system to an economy tariff, you can save energy and money year after year, while still enjoying the comforts of hot water at home.

Economy Tariff 31 provides electricity for a minimum 8 hours a day and Economy Tariff 33 provides electricity for a minimum 18 hours a day, both at a discounted rate.

Am I already on an economy tariff?

You'll need to check your power bill to find out if you're already connected to an economy tariff. If you have electricity charges listed as 'Economy Tariff' or 'Super Economy Tariff' on your electricity bill, then you already have an economy tariff connected. Keep in mind that your electricity retailer may refer to these tariffs by another name. If it's not clear on your bill, you will need to ask your electricity retailer.

An electrician can also assess if you have any appliances connected to an economy tariff.

How do I arrange the connection?

Claim your reward

To claim your hot water reward you will need the following information on hand:

  • Your bank account details (BSB and Account Number). We pay all rewards by EFT.
  • A copy of your plumber's receipt (if applicable).

The hot water reward program applies to residential premises only.

You are now ready to log in to Customer Self Service and apply for your reward.

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Terms and conditions

Read the Hot Water Terms and Conditions for more information.