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PeakSmart incentive program

You can provide your clients with a better service by letting them know about the latest energy saving technologies. PeakSmart air-conditioners, and economy tariffs on pool pumps and hot water systems, help manage demand on the electricity network. We offer rewards to customers when they sign up to these initiatives.

Installers can also take advantage of cash rewards for supporting customers to choose PeakSmart air-conditioners through our PeakSmart Installer Incentive Program.

PeakSmart rewards for builders and developers

If you're a builder or developer who includes air-conditioners in new builds, you may be eligible for a PeakSmart reward.

You can claim up to $400 per air-conditioner installed. The more air-conditioners you install, the higher your reward!

To claim your PeakSmart air-conditioner rewards, you will need the following documents in electronic form:

  • Your bank account details (BSB and Account Number). We pay all rewards by EFT
  • Proof of purchase of the air-conditioners. This can be a bulk purchase order, receipt, or procurement invoice
  • Proof of installation of the air-conditioners from your electrician (please speak to us regarding the specifics)
  • Tax invoice for the total amount claimed from your business to us. Note: The rewards are inclusive of GST, for example if you are claiming $10,000 then the invoice would be for $9090.91 + $909.09 GST.

Please contact us to discuss ways we can assist you in applying for your reward. We offer full training and support to builders and developers so you can streamline your applications. Simply email

Promotional material

To assist us with educating customers about PeakSmart air-conditioning and how it helps reduce peak demand, and to let your customers know you have installed one in their new home, we have a flyer available for you to use.

Email to request us to print and mail copies to you, or click on the button below to download and print yourself.

Download the Congratulations Flyer (PDF 132 kb)